Ten on Tuesday – favourite edition

Carole has asked for ten things that we’re liking at the moment. Ready? Go.

1. A long weekend, I took an RDO on Friday and a half day on Monday morning. Badly needed, not least because I’d pulled a muscle in my back. By Friday morning, I was waddling not walking, and in a fair amount of pain. Knowing I didn’t have to go to work helped! I met with a girlfriend on Friday morning, then came home and propped myself up in bed to rest.

2. Parks and Recreation. I’ve been hearing about this series for a while, Hubs brought me season two for my birthday, a friend sent me season one. On Saturday afternoon and evening I watched the six episodes of season one, and 18 of the 24 from season two. I’m now having withdrawal symptoms as season three is yet to be purchased.

3. Spending time with a friend. She’d had major surgery in December, this was the first time I’d been able to see her since her op, so the two hours we spent catching-up was glorious. I brought her some flowers, because I liked the colours, and inadvertently managed to buy her favourites!

4. The blue shop. This is what Peanut calls IKEA, perfectly sensible to me. When I booked the time off work, I wondered about what I could do with it. One thing was to clear my mind and work out what and where I wanted to take my company. Did I still want to carry on with what I had been focussing on, or move it slightly? Did it need a new name and so on. I’d planned on meeting my friend, then heading over there, but my back was too sore. On Saturday morning, I helped Hubs get ready to take Peanut camping, then headed over. In the restaurant area is a library. I brought a coffee (free refills), opened my notebook and spent a good three hours on my own, no podcast, no music (other than the muzak) and plotted and schemed. After that, I had a restorative walk round to look at all the Swedish neat and order.

5. Billy Bunter roll. Back in my hometown, there was a sandwich shop that did the most amazing rolls. Called Billy Bunter’s after the character, they were round, large (you needed both hands to eat it) and filled with whatever you wanted. Mum and I always had prawn cocktail. Brown roll, butter (not margarine), crisp lettuce and prawns in thousand island dressing. I had a yen for one of these on Saturday, so brought gluten free brown rolls and thousand island dressing. When I got home, I laid my lettuce, tomatoes and two hard boiled eggs with some prawns in a bowl, dribbled over the dressing. Buttered a roll, put Parks and Rec on and was in heaven. Mum and I used to meet on Friday afternoons, my college finished early, so did her work, we’d meet at the station, walk over the road, then head home. By the time we’d got there, the sauce had soaked into the bread, which meant you could eat it without random prawns falling out. Bliss.

6. This.

7. Where the Wild Things Are. Not my favourite book by a long shot, but Peanut and I read it twice the other day, he went out like a light and slept right through. It was the best night sleep the house had for a while!

8. Gloria Steinem. I’m reading My Life On The Road, and eeking it out (technical term), as I do not want it to end. What a great start to #OurSharedShelf

9. Cooking on a Bootstrap if you’ve not found this food blog, please do seek it out. I’m a huge fan of Jack’s. The recipes are amazing, simple, nutritious, versatile and unlike some cooks and chefs, affordable! Literally down to the portion by penny (they’re based in the UK), Jack is now wading back through and converting as many recipes on the blog as they can to include vegan alternatives.

10. Osher Günsberg this man is fabulous. I don’t do reality TV. I don’t watch the Bachelor(ette) or Australian Idol, which is predominantly what he’s known for in Oz. I found him as Osher was interviewed by someone else’s podcast I subscribe to, Meshel Laurie (more in a second). Doing as I do, I followed and connected the dots. Found his podcast, mainlined them, am recommending them to everyone I spend time with, so am sharing them here. iTunes only have the past 100 episodes, so if you try them on and you like them, you’ll have to go to his website to get the rest of them. Working in the media industry for as long as he has, Osher’s network is vast, so the guests that pop up are eclectic, but the interviews are warm, intimate and life changing. Literally.

11. Meshel Laurie set up a crowd funding page to assist child sex abuse survivors to go to Rome to hear Cardinal Pell give evidence in the Royal Commission investigation into the Catholic Church. Make no mistake, this investigation is huge. The cover-up and lies the church committed runs long and deep. Cardinal Pell, now residing in Rome is too ill to travel to Australia. So Mohammad is going to the Mountain, in five days members of the public raised over $200k. The fifteen people travelling to Rome include survivors and support staff, the remaining money will fund mental health support.

12. Tim Minchin also wrote a songin support of the survivors being able to hear Cardinal Pell’s testimony.

PS I make no apologies for linking to the same things twice in two posts, it’s important.

PPS I got to twelve on a Ten on Tuesday – go me!

2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday – favourite edition

  1. I love the “Blue” store! It is a great place to wander and watch people!

    My son also loved Where the Wild Things Are, it was a frequent read in our house. However, I was partial to Maurice Sendak’s Chicken Soup With Rice and reading it with my kids involved lots of laughter and some quick and silly Chicken Soup Poems. Some of the best days ever.

    And, as for Ms. McLaurin – best thing I have seen all week too!

    Great list!


    1. Thank you! I’ve got to take Peanut to the blue shop at the weekend, he heard I went and was disgruntled that he hadn’t come with me.
      Like Michelle Obama, I want to be like Ms McLaurin when I grow up too. x


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