On social media

This morning, I deactivated my Facebook account. Again.

I really struggle with the blasted thing, about a week ago I updated my status to say I was having a hiatus, if you needed me, wanted to talk, here is my mobile and email details again. Since then, I’ve had one text and one email.

I’ve popped onto the site a couple of times since then. Once to post in a book club group and once to post my contribution to the crowd fund raising campaign for survivors of Catholic church abuse to go to Rome to hear Cardinal George Bell give evidence. The support this group of people have received is heart-warming. Also Tim Minchin, yes him, wrote and recorded this song, which is simply brilliant. People are complaining that is isn’t an easy listen; totally missing the point that children were abused and the Catholic church covered up the abuse.

They have a right to know what you knew

Anyhoo, this isn’t about that subject, this is about Social Media and how, as always, two dots collided over the past few days.

Stephen Fry has come off Twitter, after Jenny Beavan arrived at the BAFTA ceremony in black, but not in black tie, and he made a joke about his friend saying How like a costume designer to come to an event dressed as a bag lady – or words to that effect.

Jenny Beavan is an extraordinary costume designer, working on films as diverse as Mad Max: Fury Road (which she won the BAFTA for), Gosford Park, The Remains of the Day, Sherlock Holmes and Sense and Sensibility. To be fair, she looked fabulous in a black leather jacket, white shirt, with a grey scarf. She could have come from work, as has been speculated about – but who cares, she looked great.

Then Lindy West tweeted a picture of a comment received on her YouTube channel, where she talked about Candy Corn Oreos, telling her she was an ‘f-ing disgusting pig. KILL YOURSELF’


This woman has been on the end of some truly incredible vitriol. One troll made a twitter account, pretending to be her deceased father, coz that’s sensible. Everyday Sexism gets trolled regularly, people campaigning to get women featured on bank notes in the UK get death threats – what is wrong with people?

I’ve been participating in a study this past few weeks, reducing my online time. Trying to get back in tune with me. Hence me taking a Facebook break, which jumped to deactivating my account as I did not miss it. I’m looking at twitter less, although I am following the Cardinal Pell story. I’ve reduced the people I follow too both on Twitter and Instagram. I’ve barely had my hands on my iPad in weeks, when I looked at Tumblr, I thought ‘meh’.

I’m playing with my son, reading more, running more. I’m still exhausted, still trying to work out what is happening with me health wise. Symptom checker tells me I’m either having cardiac issues or endocrinal issues, at one point listing them all up it told me I was potentially in cardiac failure, um?

Anyway, I like blogging. I like venting to you all. This is more for my benefit than yours, it’s great that you’re along for the ride, but I waffle on for me and clearing my head.

So I guess the study has worked? Mainly because I don’t want to spend my time staring at a screen, it appears I’m done. My friends and family have my details, come and find me. I’ll be in the real world.

2 thoughts on “On social media

  1. Good Girl! Waffle is good, especially if only for one’s own purposes…helps concentrate the mind. It is the reason I only do a monthly newsletter and not a regular blog or a Facebook account…I am in control of my writing and only have one deadline, and I chose when to update. However, a creative outlet is always good. I love your writing style. Keep which ever outlet you need… and take the rest of time to reconnect with the earth (but not quite like me, i took a break from this comment to try and get a panoramic shot of the Tangalooma wrecks and the sunset and ended up squirming on the deck having twisted my ankle…not the sort of reality i was looking for)


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