Blue skies and fluffy white clouds

I went for a walk today. Nothing unusual in that as I go for a walk every week with J, a lady I work with. We met on an Emotional Intelligence course. Since then, every Friday,  we’ve met up at lunchtime and power walked on the hills around the office.

What was unusual is how strong I felt, it finally felt like I was getting my fitness back! I was charging up the hills, I only had to stop once, that was more because I was talking over the hill itself. My legs were proudly carrying me round, and quickly too.

It’s been very odd weather in Melbourne the past few weeks. We’re getting broiling hot days, followed by a day or two of wet weather. When I say wet, I mean it. Geelong was flooded, after getting a huge amount of rain in about an hour. The veggie garden is going crazy, but it’s not conducive to a regular running routine I can tell you. (I really need to get another pair of shoes, but having had to go shopping for jeans last week, I’m not up to shoe shopping yet).

Anyhoo, today it was lovely weather, we put our sunscreen on and enjoyed the sun. We walked along by the river for most of our almost 4.5km. The blinds have been up all afternoon at work, as the sky was picture perfect.

I’ve had a great back-end to the week, I have much more energy than I did at the beginning, so I do think the virus that caused Peanut’s croup made a visit to me. Am looking forward to the weekend, I’ve got high-tea tomorrow at The Windsor Hotel with 11 friends and family. A real mixture from mothers’ group, colleagues and ex-colleagues. I tried on dresses last night, I’m going to try and find a new one tonight if I can. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute!

One of the cars has a flat battery. I called Hubs to come and get me yesterday from work, he told Peanut that they had to go and ‘save me’, Peanut was very proud he was able to help save his Mama. Replacing the battery is a job that wasn’t expected to be added to the weekend list, but we’ll manage.

One job that was expected was the collection of a rabbit/ chicken coop. How excitement! We’ve wanted chickens for years, so we’re looking forward to sorting that project out. As we’re going away in May, we may wait until we get back before we actually get the birds though.


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