Smooth Operator

Like many people around the office, I’m making smoothies and guzzling them for breakfast. Although, I’ve been making them long before they became fashionable. I used to get odd looks drinking them on the train up to London when I was commuting, but I guess like most things – if you wait long enough for anything, it will come around again.

I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but in Australia the new-fangled kitchen gadget is a blender that you whizz all your goodies directly into the glass that you’ll drink from. There are hundreds of them in the shops, literally stacked up in their boxes in Target and K-Mart, with more robust versions available in any store they sell electrical goods.

Have we gone that mad, we can’t decant a smoothie from a blender into a pot now? Are we really that time-poor?

I’ve got a Thermomix, not the push button, chip one, the T31. As it’s got a lifetime guarantee, I don’t think I need to upgrade for the sake of it. Aside from being awesome, I can make everything from butter and jams, to risotto, to a sauce in the main body of it while steaming veggies and salmon on the top, to smoothies.

This morning I made an awesome one. I’m usually of the school ‘whatever is in the fridge, throw it in’ but Monday before going grocery shopping I thought about the ingredients slightly more to expand on just fruit / veggies. Considering I started drinking it at 6:30am, I wasn’t hungry until gone 12noon. Pretty impressive for me I can tell you, anyone else get hangry at lunchtime if they miss morning tea?

Like most things I do in the morning, I had to prepare for it the night before. I put some chia seeds into some Greek yoghurt, (I wanted them to puff up before I added them to the smoothie, otherwise they would absorb all the moisture leaving me with a sticky blob I’d have to eat with a spoon).  I chopped up some mango, melon and pineapple and divided it into portions, added to this was half a banana, a kiwi fruit (skin on, extra fibre). While chopping the fruit up, I also chopped up my crudités, again for dunking in a little peanut butter. I made a flask of tea, packed my vitamins and thought vaguely about what to do for dinner tomorrow night. I’ve got some haloumi cheese and stock, I’ll make a risotto actually.

This morning, while Peanut was eating his breakfast I put in the fruit I chopped last night and a handful of kale. We’ve always got frozen berries in the house then I also put in half the soaked chia seeds, a dollop of peanut butter, almond and coconut milk, a shake of some coconut flakes and some probiotics. Yum. I poured it into a shake container, the remainder into a glass and got ready for the day. I rinsed out the bowl of the Thermomix, left it to drain/dry on the sink and will repeat tomorrow morning.

Friday I think I’ll have some toast and Marmite with boiled eggs for breakfast, now my emergency supply jar has arrived. My best friend posted it at the beginning of October! I am not going on a diet, I think I’m just trying to be a bit more aware of what I’m doing. Hubs won’t be happy, I threw out the last of the Christmas chocolates yesterday.

I went to the gym on Monday, and will go back tomorrow, am out for a walk with a colleague on Friday and then there’s ParkRun on Saturday. It’s a start.

PS I eat kiwi fruits skin on whether they’re whizzed up or not.

PPS I make a flask of tea every night, I drink gallons of the stuff, so I have just switched to decaf green and normal tea to help with my sleep issues (I get lots, but am still tired).

What do you think..?

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