On ‘wellness’

A couple of articles prompted this blog. The first was an interesting read on nutritionists and mumbo-jumbo, a timely reminder be gentle on yourselves as we ease into the New Year. Quickly followed by a review on wellness, (and I’ve commented on that article too for good measure).

I did relax over the break, but I can’t say I’ve eaten 100% well; i.e. chocolate was in the house, when normally it isn’t. I barely drank anything, although I did enjoy the gluten free beer Hanno brought me as a present. On a long, hot day when you’ve been out in the garden, a cool beer was lovely. I’m picking up the ‘eating less and moving more’ thing now I’m back at work, simply because working five days a week provides a framework to hang on gym visits and meal preparation etc.

I did start the week with all my ironing done – get in! Putting on Airplane last night helped ‘What’s your vector Victor?’ I guffawed and ploughed through the basket with gusto. I also folded KonMari style all of Peanut’s clothes, all my vest tops and as many of my t-shirts as I could, both long and short sleeved. While some tops that I wear to work will still need to hang in the wardrobe, I managed to condense down to barely a drawer full space wise. If I had a set of drawers, I’ve got a hanging t-shirt thingy (technical term) at the minute, but I think I’d manage better now with a set of drawers in my wardrobe instead. IKEA ahoy.

While waiting for the kettle to boil, I wrote a list of cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, the dining room, the bathrooms and the spare room. I’m going to slowly work through, take everything out, “Do I need it?” put it back in again. I’ve got two garbage bags full of stuff to go to the charity shop already from work done over the break. Hubs also wants to have a garage sale at some point too.

I can tell this year I’m going to let it go, not least the ache and worry I’ve been carrying with me for a while. I’m about halfway through Magda Szubanski’s book Reckoning, my first book of the year. Unusually, I’m not reading anything else while I absorb this book. I can tell I’m going to finish it, turn it around and re-read it too. Aside from being pitch-perfect, it’s beautifully written, tight (YAY for proper editing), flowing along the timeline of her life, weaving her family and Poland’s history in and around her immediate world effectively. I sent a picture of the book to Alexandra Heminsley via twitter; she’s an author, journalist and reviewer in the UK. She’s pointed me in the direction of many a good book, I thought it only fair to return the favour.

I don’t have any resolutions, per se. I don’t need any other pressure on myself than what is there in life already! I’d like to hit 52 books read by the end of the year, I want to get back into my jeans that are hanging in the spare room and lastly, we’re off on holiday in May. I have this image of me running on a beach in my head, I’ve had it for years. This year? It’s happening.

What do you think..?

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