Ten on Tuesday – holiday rush edition

Carole has asked us for ten things we’re looking forward to doing after the holiday rush:

1. Spending time with family and friends

2. Watching It’s A Wonderful Life

3. Watching the Boxing Day Test

4. Going to the zoo to celebrate our youngest nephew’s first birthday

5. Watching Star Wars at IMAX with Hubs and Hanno

6. (Lying in my hammock optional) but reading: Reckoning and Little Paris Bookshop, amongst others

7. Going for a walk/run by the bay, I’m going to park at Luna Park, waddle to Port Melbourne and back again

8. Catching the Andy Warhol Ai Weiwei exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria

9. Taking Peanut to a BBL Twenty20 match in January

10. Taking care of myself

See you on the other side, I’ll still be posting pictures via tweets to Instagram and Facebook, but I won’t be blogging until the New Year.

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