Revving up for the end of the year

Two desks cleaned (me and BossMan), one secure bin filled with printed off emails (don’t ask) and old documents (yes I remember my retention schedule, I’ve spent around four years working with the be-fuddlings of PROV), drawers tidied, filing complete. It can only mean one thing: the end of December is heading rapidly towards this PA and the annual clear out is complete.

It’s a day or two I look forward to, not only because by the end of the year, even if you’ve cleaned your desk, you don’t take everything off your desk every time you clean it, so when you come back to work in the New Year, you have a clean desk to come in to. But I also love getting rid of extraneous papers that do not need to be hanging around, probably shouldn’t have even been printed off in the first place.

At home this week I’ve gone through Peanut’s drawers, nearly finished Christmas shopping, just a few things left for a hamper. Tidied the plastic cupboard, got rid of the random lids that accumulate, I nearly have enough for a charity run again, less than a month after the last one.

It’s going to be so hot this weekend in Melbourne, I’m going to be staying in the cool, which means more tidying up, more culling, more KonMari. I’m also making some of my fabled mince pies for co-workers, (I received a marriage proposal from someone after they’d tasted them). What is really frustrating, I can’t eat them, as for the life of me, gluten free pastry is still pretty much cardboard. I think the only special food we’re getting in for the season is a 5kg ham from our favourite butcher, we’ve a pork joint to roast in the freezer, I might up the cheese selection, but that’ll be it really.

What are you doing to get ready for the New Year? Let alone next Friday!

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