Flipping heck

In the stream of big weeks, this has been up there. I’m exhausted, and it’s been a long time since I’ve been this exhausted, I can tell you.

Let’s just ignore that Peanut has been awake more times overnight than he has been asleep. Let’s just ignore that Hubs has been interstate, so I’ve been single parenting. At home, right here, now, this week has so far included:

  • A burst pipe, so an emergency plumber was called
  • Fetching and decorating a Christmas tree (never not easy, always takes longer than you think)
  • Thunderstorms, which means the roof in the kitchen leaks
  • Nearly 40c days, which means the air con has to go on, I’ve got to chase the cat into the house, and work is either baltic or boiling
  • Launching a major project at work
  • One Christmas party
  • One Christmas breakfast
  • One morning tea
  • One afternoon tea
  • I’m worried about a girlfriend and what she’s going through at work
  • I’m worried about another girlfriend and the surgery she’s had
  • I’m worried about another friend and their family and health worries
  • I’m worried about family and friends in the UK and the storm

I went to bed early last night and could not sleep. So I lay there, read a bit, wrote a list of things I’m worried about (see above), worried about things I hadn’t written about. Eventually got off to sleep about 3ish for Peanut to wake me up with ‘I’m hungry!’ at 5:20am. I got him breakfast, got a DVD going, (needs must), and went back to bed and overslept.

I’ve also been a day ahead of myself all week, thinking today was Friday, when it was Thursday. You never quite get yourself sorted out when you wake up thinking it’s a day and it isn’t.

We’ve been so busy with this project over the past few weeks, everything else has gone by the wayside. I wrote my to-do list this afternoon: 2.5, (that’s two and a half), A4 pages, and I’m still not 100% I’ve got everything down. Whereas, one girl in earshot is already winding down for the holidays ‘I’m on leave, I can’t do it.’ Never mind that they’ve had all year to do it *deep sigh*

I’ve got breakfast with the Managers tomorrow. I cannot wait, mainly because I’ve chosen the venue (the perks of being a PA). It will also help with a predicted small hangover, as a bit of white wine has been drunk today. For medicinal purposes, obvs.

I’ve got so much work to do tomorrow before BossMan leaves to go on holiday. I don’t want to think about it really. I’m focussing on the 24 December, because after Christmas lunch, I’m not back at work until 4 January.

If anyone wants me, I’ll be reading, in my hammock. Or sleeping, in my hammock. Processing another year.


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