Just a quickie

Four things that have got to me today:

1. Wembley in full glorious song, England and French fans alike singing the Marseilles. It had been talked about on twitter as a possibility, I am so pleased it did happen, so much so I cried as I watched the video in my kitchen making a cup of tea. In Australia. I know the world is looking at France, while Syria rages on, but because a terrorist attack happens so rarely, that is why it gets so much coverage.

2. This video of a small boy, about Peanut’s age being interviewed in Paris. Love, candles and flowers will win. Amen to that.

3. That Charlie Sheen has been hounded to reveal his HIV status. He said in the interview that he had been exhorted for money from people to keep it quiet. Back in 2011, Martin Sheen was on Desert Island Discs (another one of my beloved podcasts, you can start it 2 minutes in, this link has the back end of a drama in it). It is a good episode, not only because he talks openly about his family and how ‘celebrity-doom’ impacts on it, but Mr Sheen also says, ‘Charlie is dealing with the most profound problems of addiction. So if he had cancer, how would we deal with him? Well he has another disease as dangerous as cancer’.

4. The sudden passing of Jonah Lomu. I am devastated about this, he was a wonderful player to watch, lighting up the field. I watched him live at Twickenham, just the once, but gosh it was good.

I also have been to see my osteopath today, and have another appointment booked in a couple of weeks. To say I was tight and stiff would be an understatement. I’ll have to have a walk after work tonight, otherwise I’m going to seize up again. I’m impressed though, I didn’t start weeping all over her!

What do you think..?

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