Ten on Tuesday – best friend edition

More specifically things I like to do with my best friend, Carole has asked for this while my best friend is firmly in my thoughts. Because as I type she is on board a cruise, so while she probably won’t get to read this for a bit, I’m hoping she is enjoying herself after a frazzling 2015. Her husband is also a very good friend of mine, and also on the cruise, as it is their 25 Anniversary; the three of us muck about together gloriously, I miss them both.

1. Talk – there isn’t much we can’t put right in the world when Wiz and I get together. Thank goodness for Skype and FaceTime, as it was three years ago this week I last had a hug from her. She came out to help me with Archie when he was three months old; took over the housework, did everything for me, in return I drove her to the 12 Apostles. She’s also Archie’s godmother and sends him English and British bits to keep up his Colonial heritage.

2. Window shop – we are so good at this.

3. Shopping for smelly stuff – Molton Brown, Lush, Penhaligons, perfume and make-up counters, we will visit them all.

4. Shopping for stationery – oh boy, are we great at this.

5. Drinking coffee – usually wrapped around a shopping expedition, or before we start on one.

6. Drinking cocktails – oh boy, are we great at this.

7. Visiting art galleries – we had a weekend in London, she took me to Harrods, I took her to the Tate Modern. We sat in a café at the top of the building, people watching as they walked along the Thames. One by one people came running through dressed as gorillas. The annual Dian Fossey run was on, not only had people de-nuded every fancy dress shop within miles around of gorilla suits; people were dressed as gorillas dressed as ballerinas, clowns, doctors. It was one of those glorious days that we both giggle about now.

8. Going to shows – Wiz also took me to Lion King, while we were in the balcony so we didn’t get to see the animals walking through the audience, we could see the children see the animals walking through the audience. I watched their faces and heard their squeals of joy.

9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – I did her make-up for their 15th Anniversary, I was there when she found the dress she wore, on another one of our meandering shopping, walking, talking, eating sprees through Brighton. When I worked in the CBD not long after I arrived in Melbourne, I took a picture of a Starbucks coffee cup (she works there) as I sat outside the Collins Street store sipping on my cup, while waiting to head to work. Every so often I’ll get a card in the post, “I just fancied having a coffee with you” stream of consciousness. Every so often, she’ll get one back.

10. Waiting for my annual Starbucks Christmas decoration – it simply isn’t Christmas till my china coffee cup arrives in the post. The collection of them I now have are amongst the first ornaments I hang on the tree. We’re so far apart, but hanging these up, she’s right here.

And now I’m weeping. Oooof.

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