Ten on Tuesday (Monday) – Joy Edition

I missed typing this last week, but Carole asked us for 10 seemingly ordinary things that bring you joy.

1. Reading. I cannot tell you how much being able to read has helped, shaped and challenged me, and opened my eyes to what happens around the world.

2. Having a bath. Ridiculous how happy this makes me. I’ve always loved baths, but now they’re such a rare occurrence (thanks to the 4 year old), they’re a real luxury. Last week after a horrendous day at work, I ran a bath, got in it. Archie got in it with me, ‘Mama your legs are prickly!’ (thanks kid, but that is the least of my problems!) When he was washed, he got out, I filled it to the brim with boiling hot water and read a book.

3. Walking. I grew up by the seaside, but the town was nestled in against the start of the South Downs. The best of both worlds, we could be walking by the sea in 10 minutes. Or walk by the sea for over an hour and be on the Downs. Or drive for a bit and walk on the Downs, looking at the sea. I still love walking, where we live now is hilly, full of trees and has a creek that runs through for good measure. When I really need to clear my head though, I drive to Luna Park and walk to Port Melbourne and back, just over 10km.

4. Sleeping. I love being in bed. Blanket fort, security blanket, whatever you want to associate it with, curled up on my side, my ear under the covers, just my nose poking out. I can relax.

5. Meditation. Getting back into this, thanks to work who run at least one session a week, but I’m also using Andrew Johnson too. His apps are fabulous.

6. Friends and Family. I don’t get to spend enough time with either, but seeing them either virtually or physically restores me.

7. Breakfast. My favourite meal of the day, combined with number six, I’m a happy bunny.

8. Cats. I’m an unapologetic crazy cat lady, our current two Chief Brody and Doctor Hooper, (named after characters from Jaws) are the first male cats I’ve had. CB is the most affectionate boy, he is a beautiful, medium haired ginger tabby. DH is crazy, eats like a pig, is grey and white, yells a lot and has no idea he’s a cat. At all.

9. Hubs. He’s just come back from a business trip, tomorrow he leaves for another one. I like hanging out with him, we can go anywhere do anything, museum, art galleries, AFL or cricket matches, the cinema or theatre – you name it, we do it.

10. Archie. This little boy is truly the light of my life. When my mood begins to darken, when I struggle with life, he lifts me up and makes me realise that nothing I’m struggling with is worth worrying over. He gives the most amazing cuddles, cooks with me, helps with the grocery shopping and as we read books together completes the circle of important and joyful things in my life.

2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday (Monday) – Joy Edition

  1. Beautiful list :)

    I’ll just throw one of mine out there – the wonderful view of greenery out of the shower window – so lucky


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