Shiny side out

If you’re wondering why I’ve not brought coffees for a while, it’s because I’ve done my sums and if I don’t buy them – I can afford a cleaner once a month. I know what I’d prefer. Some sanity, less pressure and knowledge that at least once a month, the house will be completely cleaned for us. I can then titivate as I want to, or Hubs can as he wants to (or is directed), the cats can continue to leave clumps of fluff and fur from their rough and tumbles, I won’t care.

We don’t need help doing the washing, that carries on regardless, a never ending stream of actions to keep our clothes clean. We still run at least one load a day, otherwise lose ourselves in tidal wave of linen. I ran four loads on Saturday and got most of it dry outside, thank you Melbourne for finally giving us some decent weather. I must admit though, I still need to fold and put some away, it’s in a basket in the living room at the moment. I will also not clean before they come over, I will however have to tidy up as hurricane Peanut went through this morning with his pirate cutlass and the inner from a toilet roll as his telescope.

So why a cleaner, why now? Because in the coming two months, Hubs is away on three separate trips (so far), all three are interstate, with one backed up against an international trip for good measure. Thank goodness for Manny and Auntie Susie who are going to help with pick-ups and drop offs for Peanut a couple of times, so I can get groceries and exciting things like that. Running a house is hard work for anyone: for two people, for single parents, if you work outside the home, if you work from home, if you stay at home and work to maintain the home and raise your children (did I miss anyone?) I am fed up with people bagging on others, every single one of us are just doing the best we sodding can. We do not need to justify our decisions to anyone else outside our home or family: yet people look down their noses if you stay at home after having children, or look down their noses if you go out to work (in any capacity).

I struggle enough in my life as it is, with Hubs away, I was aware that I could run myself ragged while he was away – so I did the sums on how much I could afford, and some research to investigate a cleaning company that would visit once a month in that budget. But a lot of them would only agree to a weekly or fortnightly clean, not very helpful for us. I’m looking forward to coming home tomorrow night to a shiny house and not stressing about doing anything other than washing and grocery shopping for the rest of the week and spending time with Peanut.

It’s the Wattle Festival this weekend, I’ve brought tickets for us to go on the steam train to Hurstbridge from the city, I’m not telling him what we’re doing – we’re just going to get the train to the CBD, (which he’ll be beside himself over anyway), but for us to then hop on the steam train, how good a Mama am I? I’ll post some pictures, hopefully the weather is ok.

I’m proud I chose my sanity over a momentary gratification, those $4.50s soon add up.

One thought on “Shiny side out

  1. Goodon you! The extra help will go a long way with many things. Maybe you could con the boss man into getting your office a decent coffee machine for Christmas then you could all pitch in a bit for the coffee and you could have your coffee fix and save some cash too.


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