Books I’ve read, six months in

Twenty four books over six months. Averaged out, even I can do the maths on that. Around a book a week, which ain’t bad. It’s more than I thought, but still not as many as I’d hoped. I’m very glad about my book club, as I’ve read a much more eclectic selection because of our choices.

I’m still re-reading lots. When I moved to Australia, I had to get rid of about half the books I owned, so as I find those I had to leave behind – I’m loving them. I brought a pile of second hand books in a shop the week before last, and was pleased with my haul. Books are so expensive here, $30 as oppose to £7 for a paperback –  which doesn’t even compute on any currency converter.

Currently on my bedside table I have Catch 22, which I’m dipping in and out of, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time, I’ve got so many books on my kindle it’s not funny, but hey – I’m reading more, which was the point in the whole thing :)

What do you think..?

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