We’ve a long weekend in Victoria for the Queen’s Birthday. Aside from our usual Sunday swimming lesson, a play date and a siesta, I’m taking advantage of the extra day to do some extra tidying up in the study/office at home. We’re doing ok at maintaining it, but the past few days in preparation of tidying it up, I’ve been herding stuff towards the room. Does anyone else do that? When I pack to go away, I lay stuff out on the spare bed, I can see what I’ve got, what I’m missing, what else I need to add to the pile and so on. It also means that clothes that I want to wear aren’t in my wardrobe, so I don’t wear them before the trip.

It was also my best-friend’s birthday in the UK. We talked in our PJs about the weekend, she’d received the gift I sent her (phew) and she told me her plans and updated me on her Hubs who’d had his knee hoovered out again. All went well with the op, and they’re off on their weekend away as planned. Hurrah.

Tomorrow we’re taking Peanut and his best friend to the museum, we’re going to watch a movie at IMAX and wander around looking at dinosaurs and whatever else takes the boys fancy. We then will have a mountain of ironing to do before the week starts again on Tuesday, back to work and back to childcare for Peanut after two weeks off. I’ll be leaving home early in case we have a little meltdown in the room as he’s not been there for a while. One thing I won’t be doing though is crouching down to his level, I was crouching to plant indigenous plants in the rain garden at work on Friday, the Baker’s Cyst behind my left knee popped through again. Luckily, it didn’t lock my knee and I’m only stiff and sore, I’m not completely busted again.

My right knee is suffering from ‘runner’s knee’ or ITBS. The past week it started to hurt about 3km in to my runs. I’d stretch it out and off I’d go, but when it repeated a couple of times, I took myself off to Jo to be looked at. I’ve got exercises, stretches and more specific areas to use my foam roller on.

My left shoulder is still getting better from when I fell over a few months ago, backstroke is not happening, but freestyle and breast-stroke I can do ok. But as I have to swim to try to get it to move, I swum and exercised in the warm water pool this morning. I’m loving that despite my best efforts, I’m still overweight, and getting broken and bruised. Makes me wonder why I bother really.

What do you think..?

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