Ten(ish) on Wednesday – bonus edition…!

I’m not following Carole’s topic with this post, as I did that yesterday with my songs on shuffle; this blog post is a quick recap on what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks as I’m aware that I’ve not updated y’all in a while. For which I apologise, I’ve been trying to live my life in real life, rather than online. Sometimes more successfully than others.

· I had last week off work, my first complete week off since last year. We even worked through Christmas, which we don’t normally do. It was a great break from the office, I caught up on housework, caught up with friends and hung out with Peanut.

· Peanut and I went to visit Hanno for a couple of days, it was beautiful weather on the Riverina, we had a great time. Drove to Beechworth, Peanut has a thing for bees, honey and hives so we visited Beechworth Honey, had a lovely lunch. Peanut also got up-close to a hive, watching the bees coming back with little puffs of yellow pollen on their legs – which he was really happy about. The following day we drove to Mulwala to go to a Farmers Market, we brought some beautiful vegetables and free range eggs that are so large the poor hens must have needed epidurals.

· We took Olaf (the car) into be serviced, he’d developed a rattle, which of course as soon as I’d booked him in to be looked at – it disappeared. Peanut and I then headed into the zoo on the tram. Not sure if he was more excited about going on the tram, or going to the zoo. As Peanut knew I’d packed him a chocolate milkshake, he asked for it as we crossed the threshold of the zoo. I gave it to him, and said can I have a coffee? ‘Of course Mama!’ he said, but then as we walked to get my coffee, we passed the lions, ‘Can we go in?’, ‘Not yet, I’m getting a coffee’ repeat at the platypus, seals and then large parrots. By the time I’d got my coffee, he’d skulled his milkshake, recycled his bottle and off we went to the tigers. We spent over an hour in the elephants, which filled me with joy, I love them so. All up we probably walked 8km, I had to turn the exercise tracker off on my phone as the GPS signal was making the battery plummet, we stood all the way back to the garage, and only when we were about 50m away did he wilt and ask to be carried. We sat down in the showroom and he promptly fell asleep.

· While we were away, Hubs painted our spare bedroom and a wall in the dining room. Working really hard all weekend to sand, wash and get two coats of paint on the walls. Then over this past weekend, we hung pictures in the dining room, any old how, simply because as we get other pictures framed we want to hang them too. The rogues gallery is a work in progress and different to how we’d hang other pictures around the house.

· Peanut is enjoying his soccer classes, although he’s more than a bit hopeless at it. He keeps picking the ball up and running with it, you can tell we are an AFL / Rugby household! When he does get near the ball, he promptly falls over; so maybe his does have a talent for it that’s coming through and we have a future Ronaldo on our hands? I listened to an article on BBC Woman’s Hour this weekend, they were previewing the Woman’s World Cup, being held in Canada, the contributor explained that when woman players fall over, they do actually tend to be injured, rather than the men who seem to dive all over the place.

· I’m having a dry-June. My poor liver can’t wait till July, on my holiday I ate too much and drunk too much. Not sure why I’ve been self-medicating like this, so I’m giving myself a month off. Maybe longer, I know it’s a habit and when I’ve broken it, I’ll feel much better in myself.

· Work are running meditation sessions at lunchtime, I went to one on Monday and felt awesome. I’m really pleased to be able to combine my walking / running with a guided meditation each week. I’m trying to get to Pilates classes too, so I can stretch out my ‘I’m sat at a desk all day and it hurts’ body. This is a work in progress. But running was a work in progress this time last year, and I now fit that in three or four times a week.

There we are, a bit more up-to-date than we were. Here are some pictures from the week too:

Bong-Su with something in his teeth.

One tuckered out little man.

Making pancakes, look at the concentration!

What do you think..?

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