Funerals and rainbows

We’re in the grip of some icy weather being blown in an unusual Southerly direction from Tasmania. Melbourne’s weather normally comes from North East, so when the wind changes direction and comes up from Antarctica, it’s fair to say – we notice the difference in temperature! The icy wind goes right through you. We’re having lots of showers as the wind is also blowing the clouds across quickly which means the odd patch of sun coming through. Everything glistens with moisture, but with sun and rain then you can get this out your window:

This is without a filter and was taken yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. I love the sun on the tree. We actually had a perfect arc, the rainbow curved right over from one window to another on the other side of the building. I’m not ashamed to say, that a lot of us stood and admired and took pictures. Sometimes you need to just stop and acknowledge nature.

Yesterday I also received news that one of our oldest family friends had passed away. In the 1950s my paternal grandparents began a house swap with a family from Holland. Simon, the sweet, gentle man who has passed on was the husband of Agatha, the daughter of the couple who’d originally swapped houses with my Grandparents. (Forgive me for the clunkiness of that sentence, I can’t think how else to describe him). My brother is flying out for his funeral, my parents getting the ferry over and beginning their European trip a week early. There are three generations of both families entwined in each other’s lives, me less so as I’m out here – but I’m still sad.

When my Grandmother passed away, Agatha and her brother Willy drove, got a ferry, drove some more to be with us, to reverse the journey back home again, all in the same day. At the wake, held at my Grandparents house, Willy slept on the lawn under an apple tree, stretched out like a giant on the grass, dozing peacefully. Simon in comparison with his brother in law, was still tall, but slight. He had a very cheeky sense of humour, very dry and always had a great twinkle in his eye. I last saw Agatha and Simon at my brother’s wedding, they had whizzed over for the weekend to be with him, seeing them both was an unexpected pleasure. I love that a simple house swap over half a century ago, still carries on with two families wound around each other, like a family.

I love that yesterday I could see the same rainbow from two different windows, arching over the trees outside my window. A trick of the light, showing all the colours we can see, looking like there should be a pot of gold under two trees at the bottom of the car park. Memories of people that have passed on aren’t that much different are they? Memories float in our minds eye like a trick of the light, sometimes as real as if we were still with them.

What do you think..?

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