Mother’s Day 8km run redux

I’m so happy, so proud of myself. My official time for yesterday’s run was 51:56. I’m really pleased with my result. Mainly because I ran to Anderson St, then halfway up it, (more investigation, it’s gradient is between 6-10% as it rises 26m in less than 300m – ouch), walked up the rest of the hill, ran the remainder of the route until the hill again, walked up it, then ran all but 100-200m of the rest of the course. I ran an average of 6:23 for each KM, my fastest 6:03, slowest 7:25. We also managed to miss running in the torrential rain that had hovered over Melbourne, only getting rained on for the last KM of the race. We collected our medal, a goody pack and a poncho, then stood in the shelter of a boat shed to get changed into some dry clothes.

We decided to skip our post run G&Ts, we were both cold and wet and just wanted to get home. When I got in, I had a long hot bath, with two cups of (decaf) coffee and Jilly Cooper’s Rivals. Pretty much a perfect start to the morning really. Hubs came home with another coffee (fully-leaded), Peanut popped into the bath after I got out and we pottered about the house getting ready for an early dinner with my brother and sister in law. All in all, despite the weather and housework involved, as I also got in a snooze – I had a great Mother’s Day.

What do you think..?

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