Trigger Warning

I don’t have a title for this post, I’m using the hash tag #YouAreWorthIt because it’s going world-wide to remind people that their lives matter. On Saturday my little family and I arrived at Heidelberg Station in the immediate aftermath of a man going under a train.

What was his name?

We didn’t see anything, hear anything, but since then my heart has been heavy with the pain he was carrying. I’m obsessively stalking news sites trying to find out more. But nothing is coming up; other than it was an inconvenience to people trying to get to the football match. Which fills me with rage.

What was his name?

He was someone’s son. Possibly a brother, maybe a father, he would have had friends. He was important to people. People who are this week trying to work out what happened. Why he felt such despair that he felt this was his only option. My heart is breaking, because I’ve been there. I’ve looked down that dark tunnel and found my life lacking. But this post isn’t about me.

I’ve made an appointment with my counsellor. I need to take some time to check in with someone else and lean on them to help me get through this depth of feeling for someone I don’t know, never met, can’t find out any details about him – because it could have so easily have been me.

Wherever you are, get help. Speak up. Raise your hand. Lean on someone, let someone help you. Trust that if you reach for help, it will come and walk beside you. Please.



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