Free Fallin’

It had to happen eventually: on Friday I fell over while out for a run.

“While out” is a bit optimistic, as I’d been running for all of 4 minutes according to the podcast I’d started at the back door of the office. I would have picked myself up and carried on, but my hands were so sore, I thought the better of it and walked back instead. I made a good decision. In addition to taking some skin off my hands, I grazed my knee and landed on my chin, bruising that and scraping some skin off under my lip too.

I cleaned myself up as best I could, got dressed getting minimal blood on my clothes, and then went in search of plasters to patch myself up. I would have gone into the first aid room, but someone was having their lunch in there. To say I’m not amused is an understatement. Three first aid boxes later, a colleague who was a nurse and I found some non-fluffy and sticky bandages and cleaned my hands with saline and patched me up.

In the meantime, the tears had started. Cross, fat, hot tears that I couldn’t hide if I wanted to, as there were also no bluddy tissues anywhere to be seen. While the first aiders were rummaging around for adequate supplies, I went on the hunt for tissues. Sat back down again, apologised for sniffing and crying everywhere, but then couldn’t stop crying. One of the managers who’d seen me after I’d got back upstairs said ‘You’re shaking and everything!’ yup I was in shock, no wonder I couldn’t stop crying.

I had some medicinal red wine on Friday night, half a bottle worth, had a medicinal hangover on Saturday morning and a relaxed day with the family which restored my equilibrium. Now on Monday, I’m still sore in my left shoulder, but have a bit more movement back in my arm than I did on the weekend. My palms are tight as they’re scabbing up, my chin is purple with a yellow tint, my knee is still a bit stiff – but I’m going to have a run on the treadmill (Melbourne is full of showers today) as I want to get back running again.

I didn’t bother trying to hide my bruise on my chin this morning, as you can see it through my make-up, one of my colleagues (good job I like her) said it looks fine, “Just like you’re growing a beard!” I’d covered it up on Saturday when it wasn’t so purple, but after I’d cried all my make-up off during Interstellar, I was getting double takes as we were coming out the cinema.

Here’s hoping for an accident free rest of the year, as Hubs said wryly yesterday, “I’m the only member of the family that that hasn’t been in an ambulance this year.” I reminded him, “The year is still young.”

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