Ten on Tuesday – Pot of gold edition

I’m guessing today’s topic is in honour of St Patrick’s Day. What would we do if we did find a pot of gold? Let’s just take it as read, it’s going to be a large pot – ok?

  1. Retire myself, my husband, my brother and his wife, my brother in law and his wife, my cousin and her husband and pay for my parents to move to any house any where they want to live.
  2. Buy a flat in Melbourne CBD, another one in London on South Bank and a house at Barwon Heads or Queenscliff.
  3. Get a Leonberger.
  4. Travel. I would like to see, in no particular order: Paris, Berlin again, the Maldives, America, most specifically San Francisco and Boston, then New York and any where else that tickles my fancy. Ride the Ghan across Australia and the train across the Rockies. Visit Sam Neill at his vineyard in New Zealand.
  5. Cuddle an elephant, inhale its smell, look into its eyes and scratch behind its ears.
  6. Write. Because I can, and I want to. But mostly because I need to.
  7. Have someone wash and blow dry my hair every day.
  8. Have someone as a running buddy, who is also a trainer cheering me on and a masseuse for when I’m weary.
  9. Get Concorde and the space shuttle out of retirement – told you I needed a big pot.
  10. Pay the Kardashians enough money, so that they bu**er off back to where they came from – told you I needed a big pot.

16 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday – Pot of gold edition

  1. What a lovely list, with a combination of sharing the wealth and creativity. I’m in complete agreement with #10, and will contribute some from my immense pot of gold to make that happen!


  2. I love Leonbergers! We saw one for the first time last year and he was adorable. It would be nice to have them Khardashians crawl back under that rock huh?


  3. We saw Leonberger s at a Rare Breed Show outdoors many years ago. There were about 10 of them standing together…oh my what a sight. I’ve wanted several ever since


    1. There’s one that lives in a village near us we see every so often. He’s a real softy, his owners also have a Rottweiler who’s just as dopey. It’s nice to see them and get cuddles from both dogs.


  4. So now I’ve got to go back and click on the Leonburger link to find out what that one is about…
    P.S. You can have some of my gold too to rid the media of the Kardashians/Jenners.
    P.S. Same as elephant, but giraffe for me.


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