Rip it up and start again

Poor neglected blog. I’m sorry for the lack of updates the past few weeks, but I’ve just not had much to report. Peanut had his EEG successfully, insofar he did all he was asked to do. We don’t get the results until the week after next. The hardest part of the day was getting him to sleep in the afternoon. I can say that confidently, as I didn’t get up at 4am with him. Hubs did that bit! His sleep was all out of whack for about a week, but we seem to be back on track now (touch wood); indeed on Sunday night, he went to bed at 6:30 and slept till nearly 6am. Woo-hoo.

We collected the family portraits we’d had done over the weekend too. To find they’d chopped the top of Peanut’s head off the canvas print of the three of us. I called them today after showing them to Aged Parents last night, which was the first time we’d unwrapped them since we’d got them home. “Because they were focussing on the moment, they’d zoomed in. Otherwise we’d be focussing on the silhouette. It happens a lot with high-end photography”.

Let me pause to let that sink in a bit.

It was all I could do not to laugh down the phone. I wonder what other excuses they’ll try to come up with not to redo it? I’ve got to take a picture of it tonight and email it to them. I don’t want them to zoom in or out, just move the picture down the canvas a bit. I’m willing to sacrifice a bit of our shirts to get Peanut’s hair back in the frame. Anyhoo, the four individual square frames we have are lovely.

The full moon has brought out its fair share of craziness. The phone has been ringing off the hook at work, with the most stupid, inane, dumbass questions. I’d love to go into all of them, but I’d have to set up a tumblr blog to handle them all, like Sh!t my students write, which is equal parts glorious and excruciating. The longest running query we’re dealing with at the minute is a person trying to set up a guest house. Except they think the legislation is unfair, if they provided a continental breakfast the business classification is at once, lower and cheaper. However, they want to offer a cooked breakfast, so higher risk food groups. And they think the more time they asks the same question, that we can change the answer. We’re up to four different officers, umpteen emails and we’re still saying the same thing that we said the first time. They’re railing against us, but we’re just advising and enforcing State Legislation requirements. Another resident logged a noise complaint against someone vacuuming with their door open, (I think we might have to set up a tumblr blog).

Happily, I’ve got back into running. Although I’ve got a sore throat, hot eyes and am not feeling great today; but I’m teed up to go out again with colleagues tomorrow lunchtime, with a 5km run on 15 March.

I’ve gone through my diary and ripped out the half written pages, scribbles and notes to consolidate them. I’ve got a pile of papers I’m playing catch-up with on my desk, some to action, some to file, some to shred. When I left school I never imagined I’d handle so much paper. If anything, there is more around now than there was at the beginning of my office career. So much for going paperless. I’ve also been investigating swimming teaching training here too. Just investigating at this stage, I need to save some money and leave up so that I can afford to pay for the course and take the time off work, but sitting watching Peanut’s lessons reminded me that I was pretty good at teaching.

Will keep you posted. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, have a think about something you were good at when you were younger and no longer do. Be that reading (Catch-22, Joseph Heller and Perfume, Patrick Süskind currently), swimming, underwater basket weaving, maybe you need to pick it back up again?

What do you think..?

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