Ten on Tuesday – Friday I’m in love

* edited after posting as the links skewed it up

I’ve been using song titles for blog titles every so often, as Carole asked us for our Valentines this week I am using Friday I’m In Love by The Cure. Close To Me is another good song of theirs, for the video they’re inside a wardrobe and had curry for lunch. Apparently it wasn’t pleasant to be in there in the afternoon!

Here are my ten:

1. I love my boys. My husband, my son, my two male cats. Although I would really love it if the cats weren’t in hunting mode at the moment, as we’ve had a stream of ‘presents’ this week. Including the smallest mouse I’ve ever seen, Chief Brody was so proud of himself for catching it too.

2. I love reading. It’s shaped me, helped me, helped me help others, opened up doors that were closed and closed doors that needed to be shut.

3. I love coffee. There I said it. I’ve cut down, I didn’t think I ever really drunk that much, but going through a caffeine withdrawal headache last month was crippling. So now I have a little bit when I want one, but not every day.

4. I love baking. I made a cake over the weekend, chocolate with cherries in – yum. I’m having some at my desk while I spend my break with you. Baking was a formative part of my childhood and I want to make it a part of Peanut’s childhood too. I can’t decorate cakes for toffee, but I make good ones!

5. I love cooking. I was doing complete roast dinners by the time I was eleven years old. At school my Home Economics teacher suggested I should become a pastry chef, wasted on me now being coeliac, but it was something I toyed with for a while.

6. I love writing. I’m trying to make space in my life so I can write every day. Blogging helps with that, but that’s about me, I want to write the novel that’s been rumbling around inside me for years.

7. I love helping people. I see round corners to make things easier, I guess I just have a logical brain – either that or I don’t understand why we faff around. There is a time and place for faffing (believe me, I know) but when something needs to get done, just do it. Stop talking about it and do it. Hence http://getorganisedoutonalimb.com/ my company that I’ve set up, assisting with home organisation.

8. I love red wine. But I’ve just drawn a grid in my Moleskine book and am crossing off days I don’t drink. I want to fill the page. Not for any reason, other than thinking about stopping drinking has been on my mind for a while.

9. I love podcasts. I’m very excited that people are suddenly finding them, but I do want to shout that I’ve been listening to them for years! Some recommendations for you, I listen to the majority of this lot weekly (or as soon as a new episode is available): Serial, Invisibilia, This American Life, BBC Woman’s Hour, The Tobolowsky Files (just fast forward through the naff introduction), Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin, Radiolab, iProcrastinate, Wittertainment, Reith Lectures and BBC Friday Night Comedy. Noticeable lack of Australian contributions, but the radio here is DIRE. The only Australian podcast I listen to regularly features Adam Richard and is so NSFW I’m not sharing it here, but the link is rainbow coloured on his website.

10. I love running. If I keep telling myself that, it will make it so.

Have a good week, spread a little love around this weekend. Hubs and I are off to a hot date at the MCG, watching England v Australia ODI as part of the Cricket World Cup. We have a babysitter, we have seats on the balcony of the Members area, we have tickets to the dining room.

What do you think..?

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