Acrylic nails, the saga

If you’ve been following my twitter feed you’ll have seen the struggles I have had to remove a set of acrylic nails. I’d been listening to Woman’s Hour, one of the ladies to stop biting her nails got a set put on, and hadn’t looked back. Off I toddled on a day off and got a set put on. I couldn’t do anything with them. I couldn’t get my contacts lenses in, then I couldn’t get them out again. Then despite washing my hands, I managed to give myself conjunctivitis. I clipped them back a bit, I could do a bit more. I could type a bit easier certainly, but I still struggled to get necklaces and bracelets on.


Yesterday I noticed the index finger on my right hand nail was nearly off, I tried not to fiddle with it. Then last night I tried to soak them off, after an hour with my left hand sitting in acetone, I’d managed to get the nail varnish off. I didn’t have a hard enough nail file, so borrowed Hubs’ Leathermans to try and file the gel to let the acetone get access to start to melt it. That didn’t help either.

This morning Peanut went for his swimming lesson, I went to the local shopping mall to go to a nail bar. Nothing was open as it wasn’t 10am. I brought a nail shaper at the supermarket that was open and sat by the side of the pool filing the gel off.

We went shopping to spend some Christmas vouchers, after lunch I went to a nail bar and asked for them to be taken off. The lady tried to prise them off with another nail, she got half way along the middle finger on my right hand and I squealed in pain. This is the finger that got stuck in a door at playgroup, the nail came off, I sported a comedy bandage on my hand for a few days. Mum had to soak it off my hand in the bath, eventually ripping the bandage, and last remnants of the nail (sorry if you’re eating) off.

Talk about ouch. The nail is a funny shape because of the injury in my formative years, but it’s also more sensitive if I bang my finger too; as I’m typing this, it’s sore. After sitting with both hands in a bowl of acetone, over a bowl of hot water, the lady got to work with a rotating file, if you visit a nail bar, you’ll know what I mean. If you don’t, think what you’d file model kits down with, that’s close enough.

Soak, buzz, soak, buzz. Repeat. Half an hour later, I was finally, almost totally acrylic nail free. My middle nail of my right hand is not in good shape, it’s almost down to the quick and tender. The rest of them are very short, very flaky and very scuffed. The lady who helped me said my nails are too thin, which is why I couldn’t get them off easily, apparently. She told me not to get them done again. I’d made my mind up about that before the weekend! The only good thing is, I’m not biting my fingers now.  I’ve just got to give my hands and nails some very TLC to help them get better.

What do you think..?

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