On Project 333

I’ve been thinking about what 33 items to include in the Project. I’m pretty comfortable with my list. First here’s a picture:

Project 333 selection

Right, here’s the list:

  1. Grey Suit
  2. Black shift dress
  3. Charcoal grey trousers
  4. Black trousers
  5. Long black skirt
  6. Navy Trousers
  7. Black Fisherman trousers
  8. Grey Fisherman trousers
  9. Blue jeans
  10. Black cardigan
  11. Flowered cardigan
  12. Blue shirt
  13. Pink jumper
  14. Pink blouse
  15. White blouse
  16. White button down shirt
  17. Grey hoodie
  18. Black zip hoodie
  19. Blue flowered t-shirt
  20. Black t-shirt
  21. White t-shirt
  22. Navy vest top
  23. Blue vest top
  24. Grey vest top
  25. Pink vest top
  26. Brown boots (not pictured)
  27. Brown ballet flats (ditto)
  28. Black ballet flats (ditto)
  29. Black flip-flops (ditto)
  30. Blue scarf
  31. Pink scarf
  32. Grey messenger bag – thanks to Beverly whom I brought it from and love it still.
  33. Pink B-Sirius bag – birthday present from Hubs a couple of years ago, heading to it’s last legs, so I’ll have to buy a replacement for it soon from them again, again I love it so.

There we have it. As I did when I completed the Project before (including while up zee duff), I’ll be taking pictures of each daily outfit and tweeting them @Maddilion1875 with the hashtag #Project333, but they’ll pop up in my right side-bar if you’re not on twitter as I’m about to add the widget in again. Bearing in mind I also have two distinct exercise kits, one for yoga and one for running/gym, I’ve also got separate clothes to clean the house in and undies and vest tops worn under blouses etc. don’t count, so I’ve still got a fair amount of clothing items in my wardrobe. As an aside, anyone else have to have a scarf on the back of their chair in summer in their office? The aircon at work is cranked up to eleventy-stupid.

I’m looking forward to where this will take me, it is in ethos with where my mind is at the moment. I think we’re up to four large garbage bags given to charity already this year. Having said that, given the state of Melbourne’s ‘summer’ so far this year, I’m glad I kept boots in as an option.

The rules are simple, choose 33 items, wear them for three months and see how you go living with less. You do need to box up everything you’ve not chosen to wear, so those clothes are all down in the spare room. Having been standing staring at my wardrobe off and on for a week or so and could see some distinct colour themes. This was compounded when I found a lovely FCUK pink jumper, thin enough to wear in the office (yup in the picture above), but not too hot for summer, in the sales last week. That’s when I found my niche, particularly after our family photo-shoot (images to follow) where I wore the blue shirt and jeans; the designer in the studio took one look at me and said “That is the best colour on you!”, so finally in my (very late) 30s, it would appear I’ve finally found my colours.

If you were to hop on board with Project 333, what 33 items would you choose? It may take you a little while to whittle it down, but the freedom it gives you each morning is wonderful. I can tell, I’m going to wish I’d started this earlier.

What do you think..?

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