Back in the saddle again

Apologies for the ear worm!

This past week I’ve done two Bikram classes, run nearly 7km and walked another 14km. I’ve also given up coffee. Let’s just pause to acknowledge the caffeine withdrawal headache here. Holy moly, it’s a killer. I’m working towards not even drinking decaf, but lets do it one thing at a time.

The weather in Melbourne this week has veered from 42c, blisteringly hot with storms and bushfires; to 20c, piddling it down with rain and lots of fire-people thinking ‘Thank goodness’. This weekend will be miserable again, but at least it gives everyone a chance to get fires under control, particularly in South Australia where they’ve had a horrendous time of it the past week-ten days.

I’ve been enjoying exercising again, although I’m still wary of my knee, so I’m not going gung-ho. I don’t want to break myself all over again on my way back from injury, therefore I was very pleased when both yoga teachers this week told me that I’d not lost my form or technique, I just needed to build my stamina and strength back up again. Given that I thought I was either going to fall over and / or be ill this morning in the class, that was a great compliment.

Mind you after the class on Tuesday night, I was so stiff I could barely move. Today’s class at 6am took a while for me to get in the groove. I’m hoping to get to a class over the weekend, it just depends on our diary. But I am running on the tan on Sunday morning with KB and her trainer. Apparently, hill sprints will be involved in the training session. Joy. We’ve plotted out our runs for the year, culminating in 21km or half marathon for the Melbourne Marathon festival. Gulp.

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