Ask and you shall receive

Yesterday I posted on my work site that I wanted to read more this year. Linking it with a process on how to make that happen for a goal you would like to achieve for 2015.

This morning I got an email from Carole who has asked for our ten intentions or resolutions for this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic. Overnight my girlfriend also tagged me on Facebook with this reading challenge. I’ve printed it out, passed it to a colleague who’s also in my book club and we’ve been talking about titles:

· A book with more than 500 pages – The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt still on my bedside table, I’m about half way through.

· A classic romance – Pride and Prejudice, has to be really!

· A book that became a movie – Possession, AS Byatt. Always on my annual reading list, I love it so.

· A book with a number in the title – Catch 22, would also qualify for over 500 pages too.

· A book written by someone under 30 – this I may struggle with

· A book set in your hometown – not sure one has been written?

I love it when the universe does stuff like this. While I’ve made my choice on what boundaries and habits I’m going to put in place to read more, having more suggestions to find other titles to help me get there is always helpful.

I don’t have any other intentions for the year. Hubs and I are going to have a planning day on 19 January, that’ll sort out some definite plans for both of us and for the family for the year. I’ve got some dates for runs I’m going to complete with my girlfriend need to add into the diary, but this year we’re going to remain flexible.

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