All over and done with

Everything returns to normal on Monday, 5 January. All the shops are open, not that they ever really shut any more. We’re in the middle of the summer holidays, so the schools don’t go back for a few more weeks. Frabjous joy; we can drive in normal traffic, without yummy mummies dropping their little darlings off right outside the school gates, heaven forbid that little Johnny has to walk 15m to them.

I saw something online last night that made me laugh, My new years resolution is to write 2015 and not 2014. I’m not going to do resolutions this year, not that I did last year – I tried to have two words to get me through instead.

For 2015, I’m going to have intentions, but for me, they began a few weeks ago when my knee was definitely getting better. I intended to start running again as soon as I was able to. I intended to not eat like crazy ‘because it was Christmas’. I intended to be present more with my family.

I started running again this week; we didn’t over-eat at Christmas; we didn’t drink too much either (I was on antibiotics so it’s never a good idea!); we also didn’t buy any sweets to have in the house in the first instance. The few cheeses we did have, I’ve really enjoyed and to be honest, aren’t that much different to what we have at home when we have guests or visitors. I also took most, if not all, the apps off my phone, I put Facebook back on while we waited for the arrival of our nephew (more in a minute), but took it back off again yesterday. I no longer reach for my phone first thing, keep it beside the bed yes, but don’t feel the need to check it constantly. It’s a work in progress.

I’m about to brave the hot weather for another run, but inside on the treadmill, I’m not that crazy. I emailed my running buddy a list of races for us to choose from to sign up for this year, and have already signed up for a 5km in March to test how my knee is going after being back at training for a good couple of months.

The weather in Melbourne is due to hit nearly 40c today and tomorrow. A cinema chain are handing out free tickets to homeless people so they’re out of the weather and in the cool. We’ve been discussing what we got up to at New Years in the office today, we were in bed by 10pm, the fireworks woke us up, but not Peanut – thank goodness. We’d talked about how much money was being spent by Councils providing ‘entertainment’ for the masses. $4m was bandied about for the Melbourne show, heaven alone knows how much for Sydney. And all the while we’re juggling budgets, projects, staff even, trying to make ends meet because we don’t have two cents to rub together, another Council can send $4m up in smoke. Then pay for the clean up afterwards.

I wish we had $4m we could send up in smoke, or spend on a community project that reached further and lasted longer than NYE hangovers.

Our nephew arrived this week, two days late and an eye-watering 9lb 8oz or 4.3kg. I was at my desk emailing Hubs when he texted me to see if I’d got my brother-in-law’s text saying they were on their way to the hospital, I hadn’t as it had gone to an old number – whoops. I left my desk as it was, grabbed my bag, told my boss where I was going and whizzed off.

I arrived to find them in the delivery suite, labour very much progressing, gas and air being greedily gulped. She was comfortable, but was asking when it would be over. Had he decided to not rotate the long way round of 270 degrees, he would have arrived not long after I did, but as it was he appeared just before noon. The atmosphere in the room was lovely, really relaxed. There wasn’t any music, just lots of love and encouraging words helping bring the baby into this world.

We talked about selfie-sticks, lots of the family were given them for Christmas, so we were all having a bit of a giggle about using one during labour and delivery. My BIL took a picture that will no doubt do the rounds soon enough, with me and the student midwife thumbs up, SIL in full contraction and him peeking in the side of the picture. It makes us laugh every time we look at it, he said if anyone complained about the picture – he might have to defriend them as we were all laughing so hard about it and unless they were there, they’d not understand why we did it.

I was so privileged to be able to join them, it was amazing.

What do you think..?

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