It’s a start

I ran at lunchtime today. For the first time since I damaged my knee at the beginning of November. I saw my osteopath before Christmas and was given the go-ahead to exercise again. But then I had to get over my sinus infection before I could do anything at all. I wanted to get straight back into Bikram Yoga, but as they’re kindly holding over my monthly pass, it doesn’t make sense to start that up until the schedule returns to normal.

Last night I packed up my gym kit, and thought about starting the C25K program all over again. Reasoning that I didn’t to go quite back to scratch I decided to just walk/run/walk/run and see how I went. I didn’t want to go too mad, so was aiming for 20 minutes and I made it.

I’m so pleased, my knee did not hurt, I felt strong, although a bit puffed out through lack of doing anything and being congested for over a month. My running buddy will be pleased too, so I’m off to look up some 10km runs through the year.

What do you think..?

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