Ten on Tuesday – To-do list edition

Carole has just asked for ten things found on our to-do lists as we’re all revving up for Christmas.

Here’s my festive list:

1. Wrap Peanut’s presents

2. Write in Hubs’ card

3. Buy last green grocery (wish me luck)

4. Buy some booze (hic)

5. Remember to collect the ordered ham on Christmas Eve

Not related to Christmas, but tasks I want to do over the few days we’ll have at home:

6. Read up more on Paleo / Primal diets as we’re transitioning to that over the next few months

7. Pantry, freezer and fridge audit/cull ready for the new year

8. Buy a metal board and jars for the kitchen to create a magnetic spice rack

9. Re-organise the kitchen cupboards (you can tell the kitchen isn’t working for me at the moment can’t you)

10. Welcome my new nephew into the world, he’s due any day now and we can’t wait to meet him!

What do you think..?

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