Catching up with the Outlaws

Last night Peanut’s Pa arrived in Melbourne for a lightening visit, Tuesday to Thursday, long enough to close off some loose ends and meet up with both his sons. We met the out-laws at the airport, drove into the CBD (whizzed would be pushing it due to the traffic) and had dinner with them in China Town.

Peanut was bright and chatty all the way into the airport, but went all shy on us when Pa and Nonie got in the car. However, he soon brightened up after we’d finished fire truck, ambulance, police car, tram and train spotting on our journey into the CBD. He’s well into the throws of toilet training, and takes great pride in going to the bathroom. While Pa checked into the hotel, I took Peanut to the bathroom with me; “wees-ing” has now entered our vernacular. I love how he tells us ‘Well done!’ too and firmly instructs us to wash our hands when we’re done.

We walked to the restaurant we wanted to go to, found it closed and headed back to China Town. Discussing where to go, with adults we can wander as much as we like, but as we were crossing the road I said that we could head towards a meltdown if we didn’t get some food into Peanut soon. We walked past a truly awful restaurant, really the experience we had there is almost worth another blog post, and settled in the first one that had ‘gluten free’ options available in the window.

In getting Peanut settled, I didn’t have long to read the menu before it was my turn to order; so I hurriedly chose beef with spring onions and ginger, Singapore noodles for a toddler and a chicken and noodle something for me too, so I had two mains to mix and match from. The rice came out first with a couple of the other main dishes, Peanut was determined to hang on for his noodles, when the noodles arrived, he then was determined to eat with chopsticks. We eventually persuaded him that it was ok to eat with a fork – but bless his heart, he gave it a really good go.

Note to self, when taking a toddler to a Chinese restaurant, don’t dress him in a white t-shirt. Particularly when he intends on eating his weight in noodles. He packed his dinner away, even allowing Pa to dish up a bowl of rice to help soak up his gravy, (every sauce is gravy, as he’ll then eat it). As soon as he finished eating, he started rubbing his eyes. We’d also finished eating our meals, so paid the bill and headed back to the car.

Somehow he managed to stay awake until we got home, we popped him into his PJs, cleaned his teeth, he was asleep nearly as soon as his head hit the pillow.

We had a relaxed few hours with them, putting the world rights in the car, they’re seeing my brother and sister in law tonight (baby update? He’s head down, bum up, fully engaged and ready to go) again for dinner, then fly out tomorrow afternoon. I love my husband’s Dad and his step-mum. We don’t see very much of them as they live in QLD, but having family holidays with them is going to be a large part of Peanut’s childhood as they’re only a few minutes away from a great beach. We talk on Skype and FaceTime, call each other and email regularly. We’re very lucky that communication technology has made it so much easier for us to stay in touch with both them and my family and friends back in the UK. I’m trying to work out how to get Peanut and I up to them for a week next year. We just need to book flights and a car, and fit in with everyone’s diaries.

3 generations

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