Ten on Tuesday – shuffled songs edition

I love this topic! Put your generic MP3 player on shuffle and see what 10 songs come up – no cheating. Given the amount of audiobooks I have on my phone, and that I’ve taken most of my music off to put on my iPod, this could be interesting. But here goes:

  1. Welcome to Lunar Industries – Clint Mansell. From the wonderful film Moon I defy anyone to watch that film and not tear up. The soundtrack is really quite lovely too.
  2. Like I Never Loved You At All – Take That. Love the album, I have to thank Becky in the office I worked in London for making me listen to it. I didn’t ‘do’ Take That the first time round. But she was listening to it one day, I visited her desk, she said that it was lovely. I downloaded it and didn’t stop listening to it for weeks.
  3. Tattoo – Tubular Bells II. Oh, Mike Oldfield, one of the soundtracks to my childhood. I adore both Tubular Bells albums, but this track makes the hairs on my arms stand on end. I love the anecdote Stuart Maconie gave in one of his books, about a friend of his at university recording the album to give to a girlfriend, who thought the music was ok, but why did he need to tell her about all the instruments?
  4. Lookin’ For A Good Time – Lady Antebellum. Aren’t we all. Goodness, the love I have for this band knows no bounds. It’s lovely driving in Olaf with them blaring out the stereo.
  5. Royale With Cheese – Dialogue, Pulp Fiction. Dang. Now I’m going to need to watch the film again.
  6. Forbidden Friendship – John Powell. How To Train Your Dragon, this is a surprisingly lovely piece of stand alone music from a really good score. Peanut loves this film, we’ve seen it a lot, I downloaded the music and we often have it in the car instead of Frozen. Talking of Frozen, have you seen this yet? It is glorious.
  7. Love Makes the World Go Round – Me and My Girl, Original Broadway cast recording. Robert Lindsay. Did you know that I love musicals? That I know all the words to this show? Amongst others? No?
  8. Escape – Enrique Iglesias. This is my ring tone when Hubs calls me. For some reason I think of him whenever I hear this song. Not sure that given the lyrics it is necessarily a good thing?
  9. All About Soul – Billy Joel. Well would you believe it? This is my favourite song. Wow. The image in my head though is when Simon Mayo (half of Wittertainment, which is a film podcast you really, really need to listen to) introduced the song on Top of the Pops, saying that it was the most people they’d ever had on stage.
  10. Symphony – Sarah Brightman. I can remember the first time I heard this song. Elaine Paige, EP herself, introduced it on her Sunday show on BBC Radio2. Hubs (then fiancé) and I were driving somewhere in the UK, the hairs on my arms stood up on end, as they are now. I waited for the album to come out, finally buying it here in Australia the first day I saw it, actually in Brisbane. EP (I’m paraphrasing) said that this wasn’t doing a ballad by halves. Just when you think the song is going to wash over you, bang. Anyhoo. I love it.

I did cheat a little, I’ve not got much music on here, so the times a song from the same album or an audiobook chapter popped up, I did skip those. Other than that, here they are.

The funny thing is? Two or three of these ten would be in my desert island discs. Again, if you not listening to that podcast, or even the Australian equivalent with Margaret Throsby, you’re in for a treat. Those two programs have exposed me to so much more music than I would ever hear on the radio here. As has Saturday Live with the inheritance tracks feature too. This week Michael Morpurgo Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 4 in E flat major, K. 495. Forever immortalised by Flanders and Swann in Ill Wind.

Is it any wonder I don’t get a chance to listen to much music, I’ve got hours of podcasts on my phone that I’m wading through. And that’s before we get to Serial *squeak*

I apologise for all the links. But I did warn you I loved this topic.

2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday – shuffled songs edition

  1. It’s disappointing that the best band ever didn’t feature on the list. You know who I’m talking about….. It featured on my random play list the other day and I couldn’t help but laugh out as it bought a smile to my face!


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