On elephants

I was given a white elephant cuddly toy before I was born. Named Dumbo, he is still beside my bed, some 39 and 10/12ths years later.
I’ve loved elephants all my life, I can’t remember not wanting to get close to one. Finding out that Melbourne Zoo offered a behind the scene experience – I asked for it as a gift for Christmas and birthdays. I arrived in 2008, it was given to me for Mother’s Day this year, today is the day!
Hubs is taking Peanut to his swimming lesson and then coming to the zoo with the big camera as I don’t want to lose a second by trying to take pictures. I have to be ready to go in at 10:40; I got here at 10:05, I brought myself a coffee and have typed this out for you all.
Trying to contain my excitement, and failing miserably. I’ve swum on the Great Barrier Reef; I saw Dame Judi Dench on stage in my favourite Shakespeare play, All’s Well That Ends Well; I’ve met Stephen Fry, Sir Ian McKellan; but I’ve never inhaled an elephant’s skin or stroked its trunk.
Watching the Inside Natures Giants on the post mortem of an elephant that died in a zoo reduced me to tears. The vets were amazed at how fragile their bodies were, for all their strength, explained they were right at the edge of evolution.

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