Oh what a night

We have had a lovely weekend with Aged M, (from Port and Starboard’s Aged Parent in Coot Club and The Big Six by Arthur Ransome. The books were a formative part of our childhood, and the nickname of Aged Ps stuck long ago). Melbourne’s weather has been kind to us, too kind really. I misread the temperature on Friday, so the zoo was interesting with layers going on and off; Saturday was cold at home, but hotter at Hubs’ cricket match; Sunday was lovely and warm, perfect for standing around and looking at classic cars in the city. I could regale you all with our adventures but this post isn’t about that.

Last night, Peanut went to bed well. He woke up about 10pm wanting a drink, we’d been outside off and on all day, no surprise there. At about 11:30 he woke up with the distinctive seal bark of croup, crying saying ‘Ow’, coughing, crying and had gone from thirsty to really poorly in an hour flat. We pumped him full of nurofen and paracetamol, calmed him down and he fell back asleep. I called the on-call doctors to be told our suburb was ‘Closed’ that’s a new one, they literally had no doctor they could send out to us. We got dressed, told Granny we were off to the hospital, leaving her in a dither at home.

Driving there Peanut had picked up, the pain relief making him chatty and happy to be going to the ‘pospipital’. We checked in with the admin staff, told to wait in the children’s area where we would be triaged from there. Linda our nurse brought us through to emergency after a couple of minutes. After some negotiation the UN would be proud of to get the O2 probe on his toe, he didn’t fancy it going onto his finger, she complimented us on how nice it was to have parents who were parenting. We expected a long wait, there were no beds to be had. In a conversation with another nurse, she said that they’d had four admissions already that night, to us she said they had some really sick children come through that night. There were no other children waiting to be triaged, so we stayed in that bay, Peanut playing on the iPad and taking it in turns to sit on our laps.

She brought Peanut an icy pole for his sore throat, he inhaled it. Said thank you and she grinned at him. A child was admitted and we were moved to another bay, the doctor came to talk with us, just after we’d put a movie on for him. We told him what had happened, he prescribed the steroid and a nurse came through to give it to us. After 15 minutes to make sure it wasn’t brought back up again, we were free to go home. We got to the Austin at just after midnight, left about 2:30, I was back in bed and heading off to sleep at 3am. With my alarm set for 7:16 (close enough not worry about to 7:15). Hubs had some time up his sleeve so he’s stayed at home with Peanut today. Depending on how the virus runs its course, Peanut will probably have to stay home for three days.

Last night, just as we got undercover in the car park, the heavens opened. We drove home in torrential rain and thunder and lightning. I couldn’t see the road markings, the puddles were so deep I was driving in the right hand lane, away from the kerb all the way home. As we got to the last roundabout, I said to Hubs ‘It’s fair to say, I didn’t like driving tonight’. I had been gripping the steering wheel so tight, my heart racing. It was lovely on the one hand, big purple and green flashes in the clouds, but scary, scary stuff on the other.

I’d packed my bag for a run this lunchtime, I gave that a miss but I’ve got my yoga kit with me. I really want to go, but I’m conscious that Peanut is also going to have missed me. Talk about being in two minds. I’m aware that I need to take care of me, but I need to take care of him too.

I asked mum yesterday if you’re ever not tired as a parent. She said no. Damn.

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