I’m expecting to weep

Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump is one of his most recognisable and endearing roles. To celebrate the films twentieth birthday an IMAX print has been released. Hubs and I are heading into the showing on Sunday to see it at it’s very limited release in Melbourne.

It’s a beautiful film, Sally Field in particular is so understated, so good as his mother. Often using her eyes and eyebrows to indicate what she can’t say with words in front of her son, because he has no filter – Forrest takes everything he is told literally. Much has been written about Forrest’s low IQ and the consequential issues he has growing up, I’m not going to rehash that all here; but using his eyes and life as a filter to watch parts of the twentieth century pass by, just presenting events as ‘events’, without the rear-view mirror of context is illuminating.

It’s one of my favourite films, I’m not even really worried about seeing the 3D bits, I’m looking forward to sitting in the middle of the back row with Hubs in front of a huge screen and watching Robin Wright, Sally Field, Gary Sinise and Tom Hanks act their socks off.

Forrest Gump


Tonight I’m whizzing into the city to catch up with a girlfriend for an early dinner and then we’re watching Gone Girl. I know, two films in one weekend. I’ve not read the book yet, I’ve downloaded it to my kindle, but I’m not even halfway through the Goldfinch yet, with our next selection chosen for book club waiting in the wings too.

What do you think..?

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