We’ll he’s finally here. After over a month of delays by the department at work that constantly nags staff about making sure your delegations are, well delegated, when you’re on holiday; there is but one person who can set up a novated lease, therefore I had to wait till their holiday was over. Then when the paperwork was finally ready last week; they were out the office again, I had to wait again.

Anyhoo, yesterday, I collected our new car. A Skoda Rapid white in colour with 1CE in the numberplate, on the way home I was leaning towards Frosty as his name, but Hubs suggested Olaf, and it’s stuck.

I was requested to get to the showroom after 2pm, but I misjudged how long it would take me to walk from the station. I arrived at 2:02pm, still it was after 2pm, I just thought it would be closer to twenty past.

Like most parents, there was much swearing at fixing the car seat, oh boy. At least I didn’t get my arm stuck in the mechanism trying to feed the seatbelt through it this time, which I guess is a bonus. The seat has been installed in the middle of the back seat so Peanut can look out the windscreen, instead of peering through the gap between the head rest and seat of the passenger seat, he loved it on the way to nursery today. Olaf’s first long drive will be to Berrigan for the cup at the beginning of November, then onto Canberra with Mum, who arrives NEXT WEEK – yay!

And it being Melbourne, and spring – he’s already had a shower today.

What do you think..?

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