A year of living dangerously?

Dangerously is a bit harsh, but following the recent song-title theme it fitted.

I wrote last week about what to do with my hair, (gosh how shallow that sounds). I wondered aimlessly if I could a go whole year without cutting it now I’d shaved it off again. I reckon I could meet that challenge. Then talking with Kat about her year of living without buying any new clothes, I wondered aimlessly one night when I couldn’t sleep if I could do that too. This was quickly followed up by the lovely Beverley writing about expanding her Project 333 wardrobe into a year of Ethical Elegance, I’m not as handy or as crafty, so there is no hope in me making clothes. I am also a proud owner of two of Beverley’s handbags after she had a review of her wardrobe. I loved doing Project 333, was able to carry it on well into my pregnancy. Not sure when I stopped doing it actually.

So I’ve decided to set a few challenges for myself to work on over the next twelve months. Nothing like making my life more difficult for myself than it already it is hey? Aside from the no haircut thing; the no buying new clothes thing; that KB and I are going to enter the half marathon this time next year; do you have any suggestions? Talking at Book Club last night over a rather lovely Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon, I decided that I love red wine too much to go teetotal, so that’s out, at least permanently. Although I’m open for sober months through the year, maybe every other one, every third, I don’t know.

I need to get some structure around it, answers on a postcard please, or indeed in the comments below. What would you like to work on in 2015?

What do you think..?

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