I will fix you

I got the go-ahead to run today. Admittedly with a caveat, if it hurts I am to stop. But at least I can line up with everyone and give it a go. I’m have also been given exercises to do to strengthen my butt. Now there is a sentence I never thought I would write I can tell you.

Jo the osteo is working hard on getting me working hard, I’ve done more exercises this week than I ever have done before, shows what you can do when you’re motivated. I recognise now that if I want to carry on running, I need to also do some other exercise to build up my core strength, and butt.


I listened to the beautiful Lynda Bellingham on the Woman’s Hour podcast this morning, (the show aired on BBCRadio4 yesterday), it is not often you hear Jenni Murray cry on the radio. Ms Bellingham speaking calmly and stoically about her decision to stop the treatment for her cancer, so she can pass away peacefully in the new year after a last Christmas with her family reduced me to a puddle. She said that she is frightened, but she’d like to just have a little sleep and drift of quietly. Amen to that.


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