Bend and Break

Today is Tuesday, on Sunday I’m entered into a 10km race with a girlfriend. We both enter together so we don’t pull out and act as motivation to each other as we run around like the gazelles we are, (if you believe that you’ll believe anything). This time we just were aiming to break an hour, last time I was just aiming to finish, I told KB I’d be happy to drag myself over the line by my lips.

As you know my hip has been playing up, I took myself to see Jo the osteo this morning. Aside from reducing me to tears on the bed as she worked on my leg, she strapped up my left ankle, gave me strict instructions on exercises and stretches to do, but I am not to run or practice bikram this week until she says so, she’s reviewing me on Friday. If she was happy, I’d be able to run on Sunday. Historically I pull up from my treatment well, so please keep your fingers crossed.

I did say to Jo that I would very much like to stop seeing her. I was in better condition before I started exercising to become fit and healthy. It’s maddening.

I’ve got my last dental appointment tomorrow to replace a filling from the dentist I was seeing as a teenager. I’m picking up my new glasses as well, so have put in for a day off. I was going to bikram in the morning, but I can’t now, I may well go back to bed for a snooze. Peanut came into our bed at 3:10am this morning and fidgeted around for at least an hour. Every time I got comfortable and started drifting off I was either kicked, told to turnaround or snored at.

Do you ever stop being tired as a parent? I see people with children who sleep like logs, well and long and I want to kill them when they complain about how tired they are, they have no idea what we still are going through daily. I laugh like a maniac thinking about all Hubs and I do on barely any sleep and think, if we got a weeks’ worth of eight hour stretches, we’d conquer the world.

Talking to Hubs this morning, we both paused for a minute to be grateful we only have Peanut. Imagine us trying to do this with another one? I think I’d be in a padded cell by now.

What do you think..?

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