Wibbly wobbly camel

I was aiming for an early night all yesterday afternoon. Particularly after BossMan said ‘You look tired today’, yup, I was tired, but thanks for noticing! I also gave myself a day off running as my left hip was (is) still sore, those pesky flexors, I thought I’d hurt myself more if I ran at lunchtime. I’m not sure if it’s my gait, sitting down at a desk, or if when I wobbled and fell out of a pose at yoga I’ve managed to tweak something; either way, it ain’t clearing quickly. Any hoo, I had ‘Be in bed at 9pm’ firmly in my sights as I headed home.

Picking up Peanut, we did the grocery shopping, driving home with the Frozen soundtrack (again), I got told off for singing, you really know you can’t sing when your toddler says ‘Please stop Mama’. He’d requested pancakes a couple of times this week, so I halved this recipe and while I put the groceries away, cooked them, emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it, put the load of bedding I’d washed on timer into the tumble dryer, set another load off and fed the cats. Talk about multi-tasking.

He was practically falling asleep over his dinner, so I packed him off to bed, he’d evidently had a busy Chief Brodyday at his nursery. There were maple syrup finger prints all over his place setting. I cleaned the table from end-to-end, no mean feat – it’s huge, glass and as I wipe there’s a kitten trying to catch the cloth from underneath the glass. Then the kitchen bench got a wipe down with vinegar and bicarb, then the butchers block, then the hob, then I had to stop because Chief Brody decided that sitting in the sink would be a good idea.

I pretended Mt. Foldmore wasn’t there and started to pack my bag for yoga. I was going to the 6am class this morning, so had to get everything ready. From breakfast to lunch, from undies to washing stuff, it was taking a while. Particularly as this week I’d decided I need two wash-bags, so I don’t have to remember to transfer the one from gym bag to yoga bag. I need to lay out everything I want to wear to the class, then pack everything I want to wear to work. Then get breakfast, snacks and lunch ready. Check my diary to make sure I’ve got all I need to work on through the day in my tote. Being Friday, it’s dress-down day at work, so I also swapped handbags. Talk about making life hard work for myself.

I’d left work at 5ish and eventually got into bed at gone 10pm; apart from sitting down to eat dinner, until I got into bed, I did not stop. What early night? Then Peanut woke up just as we were dropping off with a dry and croaky throat. After some water and paracetamol he went back to sleep, but it took us a while to get back off. Goodness knows what time we actually got to sleep, with my alarm set for 5:15 in the back of my mind.

Through the standing poses I was wobbly. My right side is strong, I can hold my balance easily now, only when I push deeper into the poses do I wobble, and my control is getting better. But my left side? Flipping heck, I was falling out all over the place. We got to triangle, I just sat down on the floor as I did not want to get frustrated with myself; to get my leg parallel with the floor I have to have such a wide stance, I knew my hip and ergo my balance just wasn’t going to be up to it today. Standing head to knee pose, right leg fine; left leg – forget about it. Tree? Disaster.

During those 90 minutes this morning my mind was wandering all over the place. Normally I concentrate on what is being said, this time while I was listening, I was only half there. However, I didn’t wipe my face once, and my water bottle was over half full at the end. I’ve got a long way to go before I can go a whole class without drinking, especially first thing in the morning.

And yet, I did this today:bikram-postures-camel-pose_0Camel, the full back bend. Only my third since I’ve been going back. I did my first one on Wednesday night, in the second set. I came up out the pose with a huge grin on my face, I’m not sure that’s entirely normal. Did both sets today, again, came up grinning – my heart pounding in my ears.

While my mind may have been wandering, my balance may have been off, the hardest thing I will do all day (after getting out of bed at 5:15am) was done by 7:30am, mind you, we can probably add trying to get your newly washed jeans on after a Bikram class to the ‘too-hard basket’: it ain’t going to happen…

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