Monday reflections

Monday’s start nicely, I’ve usually got a weekend podcast to ease me into the day as I potter about the house getting ready and having breakfast. Then frabjous joy, brainpickings is waiting for me in my inbox. Every week there is an article that rings true, usually increases my book wish list and illuminates and informs me. I wanted to see Maria Popova as part of the Melbourne Literary festival, but I wasn’t well, so I missed her, dagnammit.

sit by a stream and listenThis beautiful image, drawn by Maurice Sendack, is a great reminder to take some time out and just be, (also found through brainpickings).

As Peanut and I walked around Healesville Sanctuary a couple of weekends ago, we crossed one of the streams, the water was bubbling away merrily due to the recent wet weather. We did stop, listened and watched the water jumping over the stones. We stopped for so long, people thought we were looking at something in the river and joined us, even though we weren’t looking at anything in particular. Peanut for all his being born in the age of gadgets, is quite happy to lie on his back and watch clouds; will sit quietly in the Platypus exhibitions at both the sanctuary and the zoo for ages watching them swim around and when he’s had enough play will take himself off to the book corner at nursery or at home and read quietly to restore his equilibrium.

This week, Alan Watts the philosopher was one of the featured articles, highlighting a book from 1970, Does It Matter, Essays on Man’s Relation to Materiality. This quote floored me today:

Clock time is merely a method of measurement held in common by all civilized societies, and has the same kind of reality (or unreality) as the imaginary lines of latitude and longitude. The equator is useless for stringing a rolled roast. To judge by the clock, the present moment is nothing but a hairline which, ideally, should have no width at all – except that it would then be invisible. If you are bewitched by the clock you will therefore have no present. “Now” will be no more than the geometrical point at which the future becomes the past. But if you sense and feel the world materially, you will discover that there never is, or was, or will be anything except the present.

I sit with a cat on my lap most evenings, draped round my head on my pillow every night and one sits on the bathroom sink yawning at me while I get dressed each morning. The cats are only ever concerned with “now”, one of the reasons I think my home needs a cat in, is to remind me to stop, slow down and wait.

The weekend was busy, we whizzed about all over the place, but sitting on the train into the CBD with Peanut was lovely, we pointed things out to each other out the window. I ask him all the time, ‘What do you see?’ whether this helps him show me things, or helps him find his words – either way, seeing the world through my little Zen master’s eyes has been far more helpful to me than pretty much any book I’ve ever read. Simply because when I’m with him, I try to be with him. We take pictures of what we’re doing, but I do try to post them when we’ve done what we’re doing, which leads me to this…

This weekend I fell heavily out of love with Facebook, again. It truly does drive me mad, I know I’ve linked twitter and this blog to it, so I’m updating it; but reading through my timeline with yet another change to how it’s presented, (despite my best efforts, it never appears in chronological order, which should not be that hard to arrange Zuckerberg!) No matter how hard I try, it is full of sodding adverts too. I apologise, but while I’ll be posting to it via twitter and instagram, I’m only going to look at Facebook over the weekends. Sorry folks, I just cannot do it any more.

What do you think..?

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