On ‘Normcore’

I was listening to Woman’s Hour this morning as I got ready for work. They had an article on Normcore. Being the cool, happening chick that I am *snort*, I was obviously all over it dah-lings.
Except, funnily enough, I am.
Because finally after a lifetime of wearing boots (usually tucked into jeans), embracing flat shoes, long-sleeved t-shirts and jumpers, apparently fashion has caught up with me.
Who’d have thought it?
I laughed out loud at them discussing GAP’s slogan ‘Dress normal’ – makes you wonder what planet people have been living on really.

Just after lunch today, I got a call from Peanut’s nursery, he had been asleep for all of 5 minutes and had then been sick all over himself and his bed. By the time I’d got there to collect him, he’d been ill again.
Driving him home under a towel (from my gym bag) and with my lunchbox on his lap, I hoped we’d make it. We did, he’s not been sick again, but turning round to look at him at a set of traffic lights, he was grey. Poor little man. He got up on the couch, laid down and went near enough straight to sleep. I sat with him for a bit, then had a snooze myself, since we both woke up I’ve been pottering around the house, which has been quite lovely. Peanut has just had a quiet afternoon, although he did help me dust.
Tomorrow he can’t go back into nursery, there’s a 24hr exclusion at the first sign of vomit (sorry if you’re eating). I’ll stay home in the morning, Hubs will come home at lunch time and we’ll tag team.

I was going to the 6pm Bikram class, then the 8pm class when Hubs stayed a bit later at work. Then I thought, after staying up late reading for two nights, I think I need an early night.

Don’t know about normcore, I’m definitely not hardcore. Sleep is too precious!

What do you think..?

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