Getting excited now

My mum is coming out for a visit in a month’s time, exactly, today! To say I’m looking forward to it is an understatement. We’re going to sneak some time away after heading to Berrigan for the races and head to Canberra for a couple of days. I’m busy looking up hotels, what is on in the art galleries and trying to find a Bikram studio I can fit in at least one class in while we’re there.  (I’m aware this blog could become very Bikram focussed; I’m trying not to let it be so, but as I go three or four times a week and I feel so great every time I complete a class, it’s difficult. Bear with me while I get my act together).

It’s a busy week this week: along with the normal kerfuffle, I’m organising a lunchtime function on Thursday; I’ve got errands to run over my lunch break today and grocery shopping with Peanut after work; Hubs is off to cricket training tonight and Thursday; Bikram on Wednesday evening and Friday morning, I’m trying to work out when I can fit in a run before the weekend. It looks like if I want to go out, I will have to run with Peanut one evening, which is fine, except the weather won’t be great for him to sit in the buggy. I don’t mind running in the rain (who am I again?), but it’s miserable for him.

I’ve also got a huge amount of ironing to catch up on; I need to build the bookcase I brought on Sunday from the Swedish furniture maker so I can sort out the pile of books teetering on my bedside table; I’m really enjoying our latest book club suggestion, (I’m hoping the quick reviews I saw when I looked it up don’t show it’s going to fizzle out on me), I’m really, really enjoying Chris Hadfield’s book too and I’ve still got the rest of the spring cleaning chores to finish off.

Cricket season has also started, Peanut and I are officially abandoned on Saturdays. Except this weekend Hubs is off to the Grand Final, so we’re going to the Royal Melbourne Show, hoping it won’t be too busy (famous last words). But any and all offers for visits will be accepted on Saturdays until at least February…!

Any hoo, I must dash, this ironing won’t get done without me.


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