Bicep, rotator cuff and deltoid, oh my

You know when you’ve hurt yourself. I’ve been living in and using this body for 39 years. When something just doesn’t feel right, I can tell, and on Friday, I could tell. No matter how much my colleagues said ‘You’ll be sore for a couple of days max’ after boxing.

Saturday morning I could barely move my left arm. Getting dressed was difficult, reaching for anything was difficult. Peanut at one point was sat on my lap when I needed to reach around behind me to release my bag, it brought tears to my eyes and a squeak from my throat. (Anyone else’s default pain noise a squeak or squeal? No? Maybe it’s a good job I didn’t go into labour after all).

Sunday afternoon, I did a Bikram class, working on the assumption I need to get used to the heat, so if only laying or sitting there getting used to the heat was all I could manage, that would be good. Cobra I was expecting to hurt as I couldn’t weight bear with my arms at all, just rolling over in bed was a trial. However, wind removing pose, was difficult as I couldn’t reach for my knees. As an aside, I love the name of that pose; as another aside, being a coeliac with IBS, it’s great. Still at the end of the class completing what I could, I felt fantastic. My balance is still coming back, but I was able to do every pose for at least a few seconds, most of them for the majority of the time – not bad for my second visit. I went to the supermarket afterwards, glowing like a sweaty tomato, the studio has only been there a couple of months, so people aren’t used to seeing beet-red, sweaty faces out and about yet. Hubs said I look great when I get home from the classes, you can’t concentrate on anything other than your practice and your breathing, so for 90 minutes, my mind is my own.

This morning, Monday, my shoulder was still sore, still stiff in the morning. I called my osteo practice and got slotted in to see someone at lunchtime today. Andrea who has done boxing knew exactly what had happened when I told her, because my left arm is non-dominant, it wasn’t going back into the full resting position each time, firing off other muscles to support the joint. If I do boxing again, she’s told me to do what I can, at the speed I need to do to do it properly, otherwise I’ll cause more damage. She was pleased I went to Bikram though, she said that it helped stretch out the joint and also flood it with blood to help it repair.

Sunday morning I also went for a run, my legs felt great, but it was a bit cold so I should have worn another layer. I’ve entered into the 10km run in the Melbourne Marathon Festival in October, so I need to up my Ks and fitness levels. Hence the boxing, I’m not over-enamoured with it though, now I know the damage it’s done. I’ll head down to the gym tomorrow lunchtime and increase my speed on the treadmill to see how I go instead.

Happy training y’all this week.

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