I was right, it does hurt

Yesterday lunchtime I went to a boxing class at the gym down the hill from work. I was an ‘odd bod’ so was paired up with the instructor, affectionately known as Hercules. Instead of doing any spotting for my buddy, I did all the punching twice. I worked hard, as I had no-where to hide. Have you tried doing push-ups with boxing gloves on? You rest on your knuckles, it hurts.

Then as I’d managed to successfully miss the three Bikram classes I’d been planning to get to since last week, (1. turned up on the wrong night, 2. BBQ blowing out on Father’s Day delaying lunch to dinner, 3. feeling rough on Monday), I went to a class last night as well. I couldn’t complete the whole thing, it was the first one back in four years so I need to get used to the heat again. My balance isn’t the best at the best of times, so I wobbled a bit out of some of the poses and towards the end of the floor section I was just running on empty, still I went and am going again on Saturday morning. I was impressed by how much I remembered though, I found myself grinning at my reflection at one point.

I thought about packing my gym stuff again today to go for a run, but decided against it. It can wait until tomorrow. I’m a little bit tight. Only in every muscle of my body.

What do you think..?

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