On Two Paddocks

Hubs and I like red wine. It’s fair to say that I could probably live without drinking and be quite happy with being tee-total, but for a nice drop of red. We don’t drink a lot of it, being old farts and all, but there is always some in the house.

Two Paddocks Pinot Noir is simply lovely. I was following the actor Sam Neill on twitter and we went to find a bottle, no mean feat as it’s a small vineyard, so there are proper vintages. You have to know where to find it, it’s not mass-produced, so when it’s sold, it’s sold. But by crikey, it’s good. We were hooked, I tweeted about how lovely it was, Sam Neill replied and I started crying. Since then, for high days and holidays, there is a bottle in the house. We can’t bring ourselves to give it as a present though, it would be like giving Peanut away to someone. There is also a Two Paddocks Picnic label, which is a little lighter and blended from the vineyards, so it’s not the vintage run (we’ve not had the Riesling yet though). You know we like you if we give you a bottle of that wine.

The website is great fun, there are lots of little videos, the microdoodles, where The Proprietor talks about the wine, the region and also skits where they mercilessly send up the wine industry, the show business industry and the aforementioned Proprietor. Hanno visited relatives in New Zealand earlier this year, he said Central Otago is stunning. We’ll get there one day. Mind you if I did visit, I don’t want to be slammed with a restraining order from one of my favourite people, after I’ve finished squealing and chasing him up and down the vines.

Today is Father’s Day in Australia and the USA, (but not in the UK, which causes confusion, my parents now have to get cards for the days based on this calendar, not theirs). Hubs requested a roast pork joint for dinner. We were aiming for lunch but the BBQ coals blew out, so by the time it was re-lit, the chicken cooked before it got up to a really high heat, we ate about 5:30pm. It was lovely though, I love roast pork when it’s cooked, but the smell gives me a headache when it’s cooking, hence it being roasted in the Weber outside. I did the potatoes and veggies inside though, made the gravy (8 out of 10 today from Hubs) and served up.

I laid the table, and Hubs poured us both a glass:

Roast dinner with bottle of red wine


We had a lovely family dinner, Peanut was falling asleep over his meal, so he had an early night. Hubs is playing with his Lego present, the kitchen is clean, the washing is up-to-date thanks again to two beautiful days weather this weekend. I just have a mountain of ironing to catch up on.

Have a good week everyone.

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