It’s gonna hurt

I ran at lunchtime today. Not far and not outside, I went to the gym down the hill from work and plodded out 3.5km on the treadmill. Plodded being the operative word, speed was not of the essence today. But I did it, and I ran 95% of it, (after I’d untangled my headphones) so that’s the main thing.

On Sunday morning I had also gone out with Peanut in Bob, our running stroller; 15kg of toddler, 11kg of stroller, two weeks of doing nothing, I did even less running than today, but again, I went. Despite Peanut cheering me on with ‘Come on Mama, faster!’ pushing that weight up and down the hill, it was an effort. We walked most of the route and I switched off my tracker when we got to the play park.

I’ll head out again on Friday lunchtime, I can’t wait for the mornings to start getting lighter and the nights to draw out, I don’t like running on my own in the dark. Funny how Hubs was the one that wanted to run, but I’m the one who’s still running. How does that work?

In the local paper last week there was a feature on Bikram Yoga, apparently there’s a studio next to the supermarket I go to! Never seen any signs for it at all and it’s right where the Farmer’s Market is held too. Never mind, I’ll find it tomorrow night as I’m going to go. Trying to work out when to get there as going once a week doesn’t cut it, but 90 minutes per class is a lot of time to find. Juggling the diary, I think I can get to three classes, provided I can either get out before work, or run at lunchtimes.

The perils of fitting into your jeans. No, not really, I’m not doing this for my wardrobe, I’m doing this for me as I feel so much better when I’ve exercised. Keeps the old Black Dog away, not that Rufus is any where near approaching.

What do you think..?

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