It’s a Granny!

Woke up this morning to the exciting news that my mum, Peanut’s Granny is coming out again in October for four weeks! She was here for my birthday in January, so to have a visit twice in one year is amazing. We sent some money back to help pay for the trip, we’ve started telling Peanut that Granny is coming out next month.

When she was here in January, he woke up in the morning to find her here as she’d arrived after he’d gone to bed. When she came out her bedroom, Hubs asked him ‘Who’s this?’ Peanut exclaimed ‘It’s a Granny!’ it was a lovely moment. I’d already booked a week off work over the Melbourne Cup Day, we’re going up to see Hanno for Berrigan Cup as normal, this year I can’t believe I can take Mum with us.

Short and sweet today, I just had to tell you all.

What do you think..?

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