Hanging with my boy

I love spending time with Peanut; I don’t just mean the day-to-day stuff, where he’s my little Jedi Master, I mean the going out and about stuff. This weekend we had his swimming lesson and gymnastics class as normal, but Hubs was out at the MCG on Friday night at the football with some school friends, then out again on Saturday watching our team draw (very rare in AFL), then had a planning session with his cricket club on Sunday morning.

Friday evening I collected Peanut from nursery, drove to the local shops and we visited a Portuguese chicken restaurant. Getting our dinner to take-away, we sat waiting for it to be prepared. We talked about the people coming out the shops with bags and trolleys, wondered what people were renting from the DVD kiosk, (only ever Spiderman apparently!). He sat on my lap so we could both see the same things, after ten minutes he asked to get down and sat opposite me at the table, playing with the car he’d brought in with him. I travel with coloured pencils and paper in my handbag in case of emergencies, but I didn’t need to get them out, I was so proud of him. He got a bit confused when we walked out with the food, normally we eat in, but when I explained he could have some of the chips in the car for a ‘pic-mic’, he was happy. We ate our dinner, looked through a new Richard Scarry book to much excitement and he was out like a light.

Saturday morning I packed up another pic-mic to take to the zoo with us for after swimming. As an aside, we have an annual membership to Zoos Victoria; well worth the money, as we can dip in and out if we feel like it when we’re in the CBD, taking the pressure off trying to do the whole thing in one visit (only 5 hour parking slots nearby to note). Also with the Sanctuary at Healesville, we can combine a trip there with a visit to a winery somewhere in the Yarra Valley and make a day of it.

Driving in to the city after his swimming lesson, he was pointing out everything from trains, trucks, ambulances and planes to me. However, everyone in Melbourne had decided to visit the zoo at the same time, it was heaving with people. The first really hot day of spring, sun cream was in the air, lily-white legs were on display and there were backlogs of people everywhere we went. Peanut was so good, I explained that it was likely to be busy, so to help me if I needed him to pop into the buggy, could he just get in? Every time I asked him too, only ever because of the sheer volume of people, he quite happily settled in and let me push him around. When it was clearer, out he popped and walked next to me, except when he found puddles. Which made another lady laugh as I was trying to get him out the way of her.

We actually left a bit earlier than planned as it was so busy, I took the chance to get him some new shoes on Saturday afternoon, rather than Sunday. We’d not turned off Royal Parade and he was asleep, literally minutes after we’d got in the car. I drove to Doncaster, listening to what I wanted, as oppose to Frozen’s soundtrack which is still permanently on loop on CD in the car.  When he woke up I said we’re here to get your shoes. Which is a big thing, he loves shoe shopping (help me now), in the week when I’d told him we were getting him some more at the weekend he said ‘Orange shoes? Yes?’ No sooner had I finished my sentence in the car, he’d remembered he wanted orange shoes. Somehow there were some in the shop, in his size, to everyone’s joy as he was so excited. Then the new season sandals came out in his size, also with orange on, and he was beside himself. He wore his new runners out the shop and has told everyone they are his new shoes since then.

Sunday we went to his KinderGym class, more a free for all with all the gymnastic equipment everywhere, he loves getting there early to watch the older boys practice and copies them on the bars and other equipment. He charges around for 45 minutes, exhausts himself and I get to listen to something sensible in the car again – hurrah! I drove through the golden arches to get a coffee, then headed to the other side of town to meet a girlfriend for lunch. Peanut sat up at the table and coloured in pictures, played with Buzz and his cars and chatted away to the pair of us. We sat at a corner in the suburb with two tram lines, every colour tram was pointed out to us while we ate and when we walked down the street to get a coffee. Catching up with friends is important to any parent, more so than you’d think before you have a child, having a conversation with The Divine (Newly Mrs) B was so lovely. As she headed off to catch her train, Peanut yelled out ‘Bye Bye Mrs B!’ The grin on her face was priceless.

There are hard days parenting, there are dark days, there are days when you feel like you’re constantly under siege, there are days when you might as well bang your head against a wall, it would be less painful. Then you have days where the little person is so lovely, so well behaved, so co-operative, you think ‘This is what it’s all about’. To have had three days on the trot over the weekend, to not have to nag, berate or sigh, I’m so blessed. So lucky.

I am fully aware I’ve put a hex on myself now…

What do you think..?

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