Like pulling teeth

I’m off to the dentist later today. Everyone’s idea of fun. I’ve got to have three fillings replaced, (this is the first of two visits). I had more work done by an NHS dentist who got paid a little bit extra if he did work on me, than if he didn’t shove the odd filling in here and there. Funny that. Since I stopped going to see him, I’ve had no work done on my teeth, except replacing what work he did. I’ve got a baby tooth hanging around, he wanted to take it out and fit me with a plate to wear. At sixteen years old. I think he was a bit miffed when I didn’t go back to see him after that, imagine how much money he’d have got for an extraction as oppose to just a filling!

I can’t say I ever had a problem going to the dentist when I was younger. I was always a bit ambivalent about it, as the dentists I had in the UK were happy with how I looked after my teeth. After moving to Australia, I had to find a new dentist (bit too far to commute). Found a lovely practice full of women who were awesome, they too were fine about my teeth. Hubs and I moved house, we then had to find another one. This one took my solitary wisdom tooth out and again replaced two old fillings that had reached the end of their shelf life. It took three visits for my teeth to settle back down, when I could finally chew without pain, I never went back to him either.

We moved house again, drove past a clinic practically daily so all three of us went to them, and have never gone back either. I did not like the clinic when we were in there, and I certainly didn’t like the dentist we saw, but by then all three of us were there for a check-up and a clean. She also said “Have you thought about teeth whitening?”, two minutes after I told her I had really sensitive teeth – er no? Apart from anything else, teeth that are so white they’re almost blue look fricking ridiculous.

Think of me won’t you, particularly when I need to drop our dry cleaning off afterwards with cotton mouth. I also I need to update you all on our weekend, I’ve been flat chat and am struggling with the latest virus to infect my workplace. I’m sorry, I’ll try to write it up tonight or tomorrow.

What do you think..?

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