I’m beside myself

Next week (Thursday) Hubs and I are off to listen to Col. Chris Hadfield give a talk in Melbourne Town Hall. Aside from the second night out in two weeks, such party animals that we are, we are blessed to be able to get to see him at all. When he released details of the tour he was doing, Sydney and Canberra were the only cities announced. We looked at getting to him, but decided we couldn’t justify flying interstate. When we found out he was speaking at the Melbourne Writers Festival, I booked tickets that day. I don’t care where we sit, we’re getting to see him and to buy his book, hopefully get it signed too. I confirmed our babysitter this morning, one of the girls in Peanut’s room at nursery will come over, and confuse him greatly no doubt.

Then, just two days later Hubs and I have a night in a hotel in the CBD. We’re watching the game at the MCG (probably Melbourne’s equivalent to Yankee Stadium for my new USofA readers); we have passes to the Long Room and then a late and luxurious check-out after a run round Carlton or Fitzroy Gardens in the morning, again babysitter has been confirmed. I hope there is a bath in the room, I hope we get a good night’s sleep. Such frivolity. We’ve had three nights out together without Peanut since he was born and in the space of two weeks we’re having another three nights out. Can you blame me for being excited?


Last night was one of those nights you can’t prepare for as a parent. Sleep was elusive, nay, pretty much missing entirely. Hubs went down to the spare room, Peanut came in with me after waking up with a nightmare, the cats were alternating between fighting and grooming me. Then as I’m dozing (some where before 5am) I’m was being investigated by little hands, trying to find out if I was asleep. He was asking me to sing A, B, Cs, pat him, get him back off to sleep. I was so tired, so dopey I couldn’t co-ordinate my hands to do anything and as for singing? No way Pedro.

At 5am, he woke me up again telling me his tummy is hungry. I get one of the snack pots with the rubber lid, mostly used in cars, but ideal for this situation, put some cereal in it and brought him back to bed. I shove the cats out (sorry native flora and fauna, I know it was a bit early) and I doze again until Hubs wakes me with a cup of tea at 7am.

Today of all days, when my in-tray is backed up; my desk is lost under a sea of paper; I’ve got to go shopping for a three year old birthday present (amongst other things) at lunchtime; then after work grocery shopping tonight (I know on a Friday – I must be mad) as I need to make a chilli con carne for tomorrow’s ‘We are turning three’ party with the mother’s group.

I’m off to get a coffee.

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